"Buffalo Bills Second and One" Week 14 FAN VIDEO Rams v Bills


Well, here we are again, and unfortunately the Bills have squandered an opportunity to at the very least string us fans along till week 16 or 17, but hey... maybe its better this way. Stop the bleeding, let us off the hook and simply collect Russell Salvatore's money this week and Toronto's Mr. Rogers' money the next... Whatever...

The last thing I wanted to mention that I didn't in the above video is... Do you all know who was watching the game, just like you guys... maybe after a Sunday morning lift session and then relaxing on his leather couch in his Orchard Park condo??
You guessed it, TAVARIS JACKSON... are we going to at least dress this man and see what he's got?
OK... I know... Fitz throws 70% most of the game and runs the game efficiently, but... look, its time to see what we got in T-JACK so we know, you know, whether we should cut him or not....
Oh yeah... Fire the coach, lets get it going Nix... it doesn't matter to blow up the coaching staff when you've put the right talent together, which I think you have... and forget Gleason... we don't need WRs, because good/great/better QBs would make our WRs look just fine... TJ GRAHAM has been consistently open on the long ball of which 14 has only gotten him the ball once, against the worst team in the league and it was under thrown... OK, Im done... here's the caption for this vid from youtube... ENJOY!!!

FROM VINCE (The guy on the left):
"Fitzpatrick was 25-of-41 with 247 passing yards, a touchdown pass, and a desperation interception. Fitzpatrick was sacked four times and took a sack on a first down play with 1 time out left and only about 30 seconds left in the game and down by 3. If he's so smart why doesn't he just throw the ball away in that situation?

Why is Chan Gailey having Ryan throw the ball 41 times in a low-scoring affair? C.J. Spiller had 8 touches for 52 yards and Fred Jackson had 9 carries for 14 yards. He's afraid to run the ball two times in a row if they don't gain yards on the first play. Ryan Fitzpatrick inevitably then throws an incomplete pass on the next play. And the running game is out the window because on third down its more than 2 yards to go for a first and he refuses to run the ball.

This game was similar to the Tennessee game in that the bills had a five-point lead with about five minutes left in the game and the ball and couldn't put together a four minute drive to seal the deal. Instead they punted and allowed the Rams to drive down and score a touchdown with about 50 seconds left to take a three point lead.

Stevie Johnson had 71 receiving yards.

Mario Williams had another sack, bringing his season total to 10.5 and forcing a fumble for the second straight week.

Stephon Gilmore interception return for a touchdown was called back on a marginal call. If it was hockey game it might've been called a dive against the other team. But Stephon was credited with his first interception of the season.

Bills again punted from about 35 yard line after lining up for a field goal and then taking the time out. The timeout might've helped them later in the game but coaching staff can't help squandering timeouts in the second half as per their usual MO."

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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