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Bills vs. Seahawks, NFL Week 15: Game Day News, Updates

The Buffalo Bills (5-8) and the Seattle Seahawks (8-5) square off today at the Rogers Centre in Toronto in Week 15 NFL action. Buffalo Rumblings will have continuous news and updates throughout game day right here.

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New low in Toronto: Seahawks 50, Bills 17

The Buffalo Bills barely looked interested in playing competitive football while getting steamrolled by the Seattle Seahawks, 50-17.


Second half live chat: Seahawks lead Bills 31-17

The Seattle Seahawks built a 31-17 halftime lead on the Buffalo Bills thanks to four Russell Wilson touchdowns - three of them runs.


Seahawks stomping Bills, 24-7

After a brief C.J. Spiller interlude, things have returned to the way they started in Toronto, as the Seattle Seahawks have opened up a 24-7 lead on the Buffalo Bills with very little difficulty moving the football offensively.

After Spiller's 14-yard touchdown run made it 14-7, the Seahawks drove down the field - largely on the legs of a 36-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate on a called flea-flicker - before stalling out and kicking a short field goal. Buffalo's ensuing offensive drive featured three short passes - two of which were incomplete - and after a punt, the Seahawks were back in business.

That's when Marshawn Lynch raced through the line untouched on a 54-yard scamper deep into Bills territory. Wilson hooked up with tight end Zach Miller on the next play for a four-yard touchdown pass and a 24-7 lead.

Seattle now has four scores (three touchdowns and a field goal) on four possessions in this game. It'd take a New England-level offense to keep pace with that; Buffalo has Buffalo's offense.


Bills trail Seahawks 14-7 after Spiller TD

When the Buffalo Bills can get C.J. Spiller going, they're a really dangerous offense. Case in point: in cutting the Seattle Seahawks' lead to 14-7, Spiller carried four times for 27 yards on the eight-play, 72-yard drive, and capped the drive off with a 14-yard touchdown run.

Spiller also had an eight-yard run on the drive, turning nothing into something as only backs of his caliber can do.

Who else likes it when Chan Gailey's hand is forced and he has no choice but to give Spiller the ball? I know I do; even when the Bills are losing like they are at the moment, they're infinitely more fun to watch when Spiller is getting his touches.

Buffalo has reclaimed a bit of momentum in this game with the first quarter coming to a close. Time will tell if the team's thus-far hapless defense can turn it around enough to make this a competitive endeavor.


Russell Wilson running all over Bills

Remember that whole "the Buffalo Bills are making Russell Wilson look like Doug Flutie" thing? Well it's still happening.

The Seattle Seahawks now lead the Bills 14-0 with 5:46 remaining in the first quarter after Wilson's second rushing touchdown of the day - this one from 25 yards out. He had a 14-yard rushing touchdown on the opening drive of the game, and now has four carries for 59 yards and the two scores on just two possessions. (He's also been sacked twice, but it clearly hasn't mattered.)

The two Seahawks touchdown drives sandwiched an opening Bills offensive possession that began with a false start and ended with a C.J. Spiller screen pass that lost nine yards. That's been Buffalo's day so far, three drives in: Wilson rushing score, horrible offense, Wilson rushing score.

This is laughable, folks. If you're not a sucker that runs a Bills blog, you may want to consider checking out of this one early.


Russell Wilson gives Seahawks 7-0 lead

As they tend to do against young quarterbacks, the Buffalo Bills are making Seattle Seahawks starter Russell Wilson look like... well... Doug Flutie.

Wilson was lights out on the opening drive of today's game in Toronto, completing 4-of-4 passes for 53 yards - two of those throws moving the chains on third down plays, to boot. He then capped off the scoring drive with a 14-yard touchdown run on a well-designed read option play; Buffalo's defense keyed hard on running back Marshawn Lynch, leaving Wilson's path to the end zone almost totally unencumbered. Bryan Scott, in particular, screwed up his assignment in a massive way.

Buffalo looked completely listless on the drive, giving up two third down conversions and a 20-yard completion to fullback Michael Robinson. That was the kind of defense the Bills play when they're on the verge of getting completely blown out. So yeah - count me among the thousands that would rather be doing anything else than watching this game right now.


Join our Bills/Seahawks live chat!

Buffalo Bills fans discuss the first half of their Week 15 game against the Seattle Seahawks in Toronto.


Bills vs. Seahawks: Broadcast Info

It's probably the final "home game" sell out. Get all the information on how to catch the game here.

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