A Mike Glennon Snap Shot:

Here are some numbers I would like everyone to take into account when looking at some of yours pre-determined franchise savor Mike Glennon’s season total stats. There were four decent opponents on NC State’s schedule and I say decent because it’s the ACC and overall the conference is not very good. Here is his performance in these games:

@ Tennessee 288 YDs 1 TD 4 INTs, the team was down 22-7 in the first quarter.

@ Clemson 493 YDs 5 TDs 1 INT, the team was down 62-38 in the third quarter.

@ UNC 467 YDs 5 TDs 2 INTs, the team was down 25-7 in the first quarter.

@ Miami 440 YDs 4 TDs 2 INTs, the team was down 23-7 in the first quarter.

These four games were the hardest on the schedule and it is not completely his fault for his defense giving up so many points (with the exception of a few untimely INTs) but, these numbers greatly inflate his season totals due to the way defenses play with large leads. We all know that once a large lead is gained defenses go into a prevent style; rushing only 4 men and playing a deep zone which means the middle of the field is usually available. So let’s look at these games when we remove the talent behemoth that is Tennessee which is not a fair comparison.

These three games against Clemson, UNC, and Miami account for 1,400 of his 3,648 passing yards (38%), 14 of his 30 touchdown passes (47%), 5 of his 14 interceptions (36%), 82 of his 295 completions (28%), and 147 of his 511 passing attempts (29%) in only 25% of his games. Also, by looking at the play-by-play these numbers also all seem to come at the end of the game when it is mostly out of reach. During this sample size of a ¼ of his season his YPA is 14.7 which doubles his season average of just over 7 and means that in close competitive games his YPA was only 5.4.

Glennon’s numbers might look impressive and the highlights from these games also look great when browsing YouTube but keep in mind the game situation. Defenses are not blitzing as much, are playing lose coverage, and allowing him to use the middle of the field. Life is easy when the opponents stop trying and with his implosion against Tennessee and a 4-8 Virginia team on top of these inflated numbers in blow out loses it’s hard to think he is the answer to our playoff drought. Unless of course you’re looking for a new fantasy QB who loses while putting up big numbers, then he could be your guy.

Tell me what you guys think of these performances…

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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