Draft, Free Agency, Resigns, and Departures

Well since it looks like the Bills will not get rid of Nix, Gailey, and the coaching staff; our draft for 2013 would be (if I was GM):

Round 1 - Jarvis Jones - OLB - Georgia - He is a playmaker. He can rush the passer and has the skills to cover the TE’s of the AFC East. Would force Barnett to play in the box more.

Round 2 - Ryan Nassib - QB - Syracuse - He can throw all the throws and throw deep. We need that in order to keep the safeties honest. He runs K-Gun Offense at Syracuse. He can think and throw a solid deep ball, what a concept. (Buddy will want to insert Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray I really hope not).

Round 3 - Jordon Matthews - WR - Vanderbilt - Alot will ask who he is and I did too until I watched some tape and know who he is related to. He is a solid tall (6’ 3”, 205) who averaged over 100 yards a game receiving this last season. Oh yeah Jerry Rice is his cousin. A WR who will be open even though he is covered.

Round 4 - Demonte Hurst - CB - Oklahoma - You can never have enough CBs. With McGee showing his age and Williams moving to safety we will need more depth at this position.

Round 5 - Lerentee McCroy - OLB - Florida - He is a playmaker and that is what we need. He may or may not be available here. If he is it is a steal.

Round 6 - Zach Line - FB/RB - SMU - Conference USA offensive player of the year. He run, blocks, and catches the ball out of the backfield. A weapon we could use in our offense. There may be times that we actually use a FB as a lead blocker for C.J. Spiller. I also think that this pick would take touches away from Fred Jaskson who has the injury bug lately.

Round 7 - Travis Jackson - He could be a solid backup for Nassib. He also could be traded for a potential 7th round pick.

Draft FA -
Marquise Goodwin - WR - Texas - He competed in the olympics in the long jump. Has speed and talent to be solid as a 3rd - 5th WR or KR.

DJ Hayden - CB - Houston - a solid CB who makes plays but is playing at a small school.

Ryan Griffin - TE - Connecticut - Solid pass catcher who needs to bulk up to hold his own in the running game. He sounds like a poor man’s Aaron Hernadez.

Players to Sign -
Byrd - Franchise Tag
Levitre - Gets a solid top ten OG deal over 7 years
Wood - Average deal taking in consideration his injury problems
McKelvin - 4 year deal worth 12 Million
Fitzpatrick (asked to take a paycut, so I consider it a resign) Seriously thinking of 50% paycut and his is the backup from game 1

Free Agency ( in order of priority)
1. Micheal Johnson - DE - Bengals - Would be a solid starter and would make Anderson
a pass rushing specialist (what he is)

2. Glenn Dorsey - DT - Chiefs - Solid backup for the combo of Williams/Daraus

3. Danny Amendola - WR - Rams - all he does is gets open and catches the ball. Plays the game with heart which is what we need on this team

4. Andre Smith - OT - Bengals - could be a starter at RT for next season or a backup
swing tackle

5. Delanie Walker - FB/TE - 49ers - is a solid blocker and pass catcher and would be a nice compliment to Chandler.

6. Rames Barden - WR - Giants - tall receiver that when given the chance can make

7. Shaun Rogers - DT - Giants - Older player who is a solid backup and rotational player

If we could snag three of the list above we would have improved our team

Key Departures:
Lee Smith
Fitz or T Jax

They could be more or less gone on how well the “brain trust” can do in signing our own and bring in new talent.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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