I have been doing things like this on Rumblings fairly regularly in the past as I manage what was once the largest Bills facebook group NOT associated with the team(facebook group restructure hit us hard). So without further ado, I give you my personal offseason plans for the Buffalo BIlls. Some of which I have already shared

***After Urbiks deal, our cap stands at between $13 million and 22 million depending on rollover. Also assuming at least $4 million to sign draft picks

1) New coaching staff. I have spent the past 3 years defending our coaching staff. Chan Gaily really is an offensive genius when he needs to be, however its obvious he can either be a coordinator or a coach...not both. So I would firstly fire the Bills coaching staff. Their replacements would be: HC Bruce Arians. Arians has done an absolutely fantastic job filling in for coach Pagno in Indy. Pagno deserves a little credit, but Arians has led a team that ranked last in the NFL last season and gotten them to the playoffs with a rookie QB. The guy knows what hes doing. OC would be Todd Haley. Haley and Ben Rothlisberger have been fighting all season and he wont win that fight in Pittsburgh. His Cardinals O in 2008 was stellar as was HC and OC in KC in its playoff season 2 years ago. For DC, I bring up Seattle LBs Coach Ken Norton. Norton has taken 2 very young LBs and placed them in line for great success. His players say he has an excellent coaching style and natural feel for what opposing teams are trying to do. Some "experts" say he could be looking at HC jobs before long

2) Franchise tag FS Jairus Byrd. We need to get a long term deal with him, but there is a lot of work to d this off season. It may be worth it to pay the man and put off his deal to camp. Either way, he needs to stay here for a long time. Cap after move is approximately $5-14 million

3) Resign Levitre, Kyle Moore, Mckelvin and Dorin Dickerson. Levitre is THE most underrated O lineman in the NFL. He competently filled in at 3 positions last season and plays LG like a stone wall. The man is an excellent blocker. He should be paid near the top of OGs. Perhaps 5.5-6 Mil/ year. Moore has excelled in his fill in duties at DE. Hes made some mistakes, but at other times he has been a force. He is the best depth player we have on D. Dickerson doesnt come up that often, but he has had a quietly good season. In relief for Chandler, he has 9 receptions for nearly 120 yards. He is a solid backup to Chandler. Mckelvin has been electric this season in return duties, but should be paid minimally due to his CB 4 position on the depth chart. Cap after moves approximately $-3-+6 million

4) RFA tag/Resign Chad Rhinehart and David Nelson. Both are RFAs this offseason making the RFA tag an option. Rhinehart is an excellent reserve lineman who several "experts" say could start on other rosters. RG injuries havnt hurt us with him on the roster, I would like to keep it that way. Nelson is one of my personal favorite Bills. He has TE size and some of the best hands I have ever seen. Any catchable ball will be caught and any matchup against his size in the middle is favorable for us. He is an excellent slot option that needs to remain with the team. Cap after moves approximately $-4-+5 million

5) Cut Terrence Mcgee and Brad Smith. Mcgee is a personal favorite of mine, but he just cant play anymore. Smith has been useless as a returner, WR and QB. He has no worth. Cap after moves approximately $1-10 million

6) Restructure the deals of Chris Kelsay and George Wilson. Kelsay is a veteran presence on the team, but he isnt worth the money he is paid for a reserve roll. He still wont be paid better anywhere else. Wilson is a pretty good SS, but he has underplayed this season. With Searcy breathing down his neck for his job, he isnt worth the money he is making now. But a slight restructure wont hurt him. Cap after moves approximately $4-13 million.

Now, assuming our min for rookies, that leaves us between 0 and 9 million to spend in FA. Obviously Im spending the money to roll over the cap room


Mike Wallace seems to be losing ground in Pittsburgh. The team used the tag on him last season, but with Sanders and Brown muscling him out. He could be free and stands to make around what Stevie Johnson makes based on my math. If we can pick him up at Stevies pay grade(under franchise tag money) its a 4.5 million dollar cap hit and our teams #1 WR

Rodgers Cromartie/Aqib Talib. Both are paid rather poorly compared to performance with their teams. Both are due paydays with their teams. The Eagles could probably outbid other teams for Cromarties services. However, the Patriots could be in trouble with several free agents coming up. They dont have a ton of money to spare and Talib has proven himself worth the money thusfar this season. Talib has off field issues in his past, but these always seem to go away in the Buffalo sow. A good payday could nab him away as long as we do it fast. My cap hits 0 for FA

In the Draft. This leaves us with LB, QB, CB and WR to look at in the draft. Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray and Mike Glennon catch my eye at QB. Thats as far as I will go there without having taken the time to dive into tape of players outside QB

Basic Roster

QB Fitzpatrick/ (Bray, Murray, Glennon)

HB Spiller/Jackson

WR Wallace/Johnson/Nelson/Graham/Martin(possibly Jones if he wants to keep playing for peanuts)

LT Glenn/Pears

LG Levitre

C Wood

RG Urbik/Rhinehart

RT Hairston

TE Chandler/Dickerson

DE Anderson/Williams/Kelsay/Moore

DT Williams/Dareus/Carrington

LB Shepphard/Bradham/Barnett

CB Talib/Gilmore/Brooks/Mckelvin/Rodgers

SS Wilson/Searcy

FS Byrd/ A. Williams

P Powell

K (not Lindel. Id probably sign a kicker and let Lindel walk. He doesnt have the leg he used to and we can do better)

There you have it. My offseason plan. Coaching changes, a rookie QB, veteran FA talent at WR and CB and all of it is paid for.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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