japanjohn's BROP

So, Ralph Wilson has appointed me team architect for a year. Here’s what I do...

Buddy Nix: stays because (in my calmer moments) I agree that continuity is crucial. We took a step backward this year, which needs to be addressed, but blowing up the decision-making structure would be worse.

Chan Gailey: is asked to choose between being Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. No longer can he do both. A great point was made on a recent thread that this is how coaching trees develop: someone else uses the originator’s concepts. Chan gracefully accepts the full-time HC offer (allowing him to concentrate on the big picture), Curtis Modkins becomes the full-time play caller. All other coaches stay the same.

Free Agents: prioritized list, w/ approximate salary per year.

Jairus Byrd - $7M

Andy Levitre - $7M

Leodis McKelvin - $4.5M

Kyle Moore - $1.5M

Corey McIntyre - $1M

Tarvaris Jackson - $1M

Tashard Choice - Vet Minimum

Dorin Dickerson - Vet Minimum

Shawne Merriman - Vet Minimum


Has been drafted heavily the last 3 years. It’s time for the unit to step up. Searcy and A. Williams will take over for G. Wilson and Bryan Scott. Gilmore, McKelvin & R. Brooks are my starting corners. Barnett, Sheppard & Bradham are penciled in at LB. M. Williams, K. Williams, Dareus & Anderson start on the D-line. Again, on paper, this looks great. Hopefully, with another year of gelling (and, one would hope, a very bitter taste in their mouths) they get after it next year like mad dogs.


Will see the biggest changes as we WILL draft a QB in round 1. That draftee will be Mike Glennon. Why? After looking at many youtube clips of the Top-7 QBs as ranked by CBSsports, Glennon simply looks the smoothest. His size and mechanics jump off the screen compared to the others (G. Smith, Barkley, T. Wilson, A. Murray, Nassib, T. Bray), and he appears to command the field. He is listed as a borderline Top-100 pick, so picking him at #11 should be doable.

In rd#2, I would take a top shelf WR. Forgot whether he has ideal height (James Hardy) or is a burner (TJ Graham); just give me a beast who catches everything thrown in his general direction.

Rds #3, 4, 5 (in no particular order) CB, OLB, TE.

Also, I would make discrete inquiries about moving Fred Jackson; not because he’s not awesome, but because his career is waning and our team needs to keep ascending. He may bring an extra 3rd round pick, or help us move up in an early round. I would not, however, send him to any AFC East team.

In summary:

Chan = Head Coach

Modkins = Offensive Coordinator

Searcy & A. Williams take over for G. Wilson & Bryan Scott

Mike Glennon taken in rd #1

Beastly WR in rd #2

CB, OLB, TE taken in rds #3-5.

Fred Jackson moves on with best wishes, improving our draft position and allowing CJ Spiller to become full-time, unquestioned starter

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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