Good morning all. My first order of business is too clean house as it comes to coaches. Both Gailey and Wannstedt have shown an inability to change their game-plan mid game when certain aspects aren't going as planned. My choice for HC would be Jay Gruden. Has done an outstanding job in Cincinnati doing pretty much exactly what we need to do here in Buffalo. Implement a system a young but talented rookie can execute with good results. Instead of an AJ green he has a Cj Spiller to rely on. I would let him bring in his own DC and coaching staff all around, as long as we stick with the 4-3.

Free Agency- This is a big year for re-signing our own free agents and restructuring current deals to make room for one nice addition in FA. I think our main needs are QB, LB, WR and CB. I believe three out of the four can be addressed in the draft. We need to assess the prospects and go after a FA in the position that will be hardest to address via draft. Personally I think CB would be the hardest to acquire this year in the draft so I will be going after a FA CB. As for our own I see us having around 18 Million after we roll over the remaining cap space and accounting for the draft picks. I am cutting Brad Smith, George Wilson, Terrance McGee, Chris Kelsay, as well as all the dead weight and practice squad. I will also be asking Fitzpatrick to take a pay cut or he is cut. I don't see any other opportunity for him to start elsewhere so he takes the paycut. With it all said and done we will have around 27 million for FA.

Byrd-5 yrs 40 million 8 million cap hit

19 Million Remains

Levitre-5 yrs 35 million 7 million cap hit

12 Million Remains

Leodis McKelvin- 3 yrs 5 million 1.66 million cap hit

10.34 remains

Chad Rhinehart- 3 yrs 4.5 Million 1.5 million cap hit

8..16 remains

Donald Jones and David Nelson to 3 years 3 million 1 million cap hit each

6.16 remains

Kyle Moore-3 Years 3 Million 1 million cap hit

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- 3 years 13.5 Million 4.5 million cap hit

That was my splash for FA. He has played well enough to pair with Gilmore, letting Aaron Williams move to Safety where he should have been all along. My immediate team needs move to QB, LB and WR, with depth needed at almost all spots. I will post a full mock draft for the Bills below.

Round 1 pick 7- Mike Glennon QB NC State

May be a reach now but I expect him to be forecasted as a mid 1 st round who we take a little early. Has all the tools to be a great QB. Needs some coaching but with Jay Gruden I see him excelling early on in his career.

Trade Round 1 Pick 22- Alec Ogletree LB Georgia

We trade our second, fourth and 2014 2nd round with St. Louis to get their second first round pick. Alec is a converted Safety who has excelled at LB. I see him being an OLB who is capable of covering TE's. With this pick we have eliminated two of biggest needs at QB and LB as well as getting good value.

Round 3- Aaron Dobson- WR Marshall

He really has a good body of work to show. Has some problems with inconsistency but also makes some unbelievable catches. Tremendous upside with this pick.

Round 4-Traded to St. Louis

Round 5- James Ferentz C Iowa

More depth for O-line can play backup with Urbik to Wood. Tough kid could possibly move to guard also.

Round 6- Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina

Just the best player we could possibly get in the 6th round. I didn't re-sign choice so he could be a 3rd RB well he heals and gets comfortable after his leg bent in a terrible way. In a few years when Jackson is gone we will have his replacement and got good value in it.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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