Dana's BROP

Alright I might as well join in on the fun. Here is my BROP for the competition. Hopefully it won't be horrid since I don't have quite the knowledge that others have about contracts and whatnot. I will do my best though so bear with me.

Coaches: Hmm, here is where I had an interesting debate with myself. Did I want to stick with continuity or do I blow it up and start over? I decide to do both. Since it seems like Gailey has a problem mitigating between being a HC and the OC I make Gailey become the offensive coordinator. With some new toys to work with and the fact that he has made a productive offense with Fitzpatrick as a QB I think he can improve. I also include a clause in his new contract where if he doesn't rush Spiller 20 times a game he gets fired after the third time. For my head coach I go all out and manage to pry Bruce Arians from Indy. He's one of the hottest assistent coaches thanks to him leading the Colts to the playoffs as the interim coach. He's also a very capable offensive coordinator so if the offense continues to struggle with Gailey he can be easily replaced. On defense I decided to give Wannstedt one more season to improve. It's not the most popular choice but I don't want to change defensive schemes again so I roll with continuity.

Players Leaving: These are the players I let walk. Tarvaris Jackson, Tyler Thigpen, Shawn Merriman, Spencer Johnson, Ruvell Martin, Bryan Scott, Dorin Dickerson, Thomas Welch, Keith Williams, and Jay Ross. Now I'm going to cut a few players to save some cap room. I cut Brad Smith which saves about $2,750,000, Terrence McGee which saves about $2,100,000, and for my last cut I let Chris Kelsay go which will save $4,175,000.

For cap space I roll over the full amount from last year so my cap limit is $129,850,000. Add the $9, 025,000 to the $24.25 Million dollars and I have roughly 33 million dollars to spend. Now on to Free Agency.

Free Agency: First I focus on my own players. I re-sign Jairus Byrd to a 5 year $40 million dollar contract which takes $7,600,000 from my cap room. Now I re-sign Andy Levitre to a 6 year $41 million dollar deal and make it back loaded to save some money. His cap hit for next season will be $4,973,333. My next target is David Nelson. He gets a 3 year deal worth $2 million so he will have minimal impact on the cap. I sign Chad Rinehart to a 3 year $4 million dollar contract to keep the depth on the o-line. Oh, I just realized that I forgot about McKelvin. I re-sign him to a 5 year $19,400,00 contract. That makes his cap hit $1,460,000 which isn't bad. Corey McIntyre gets a vet minimum contract.

Now for my free agent signings. I have roughly 26 million dollars so I can make some decent signings while having enough left over for the draft. I won't be signing a ton of people obviously so I'm looking to fill a few holes.

My first signing is Danario Alexander. I sign him to a 1 year $1,000,000 dollar deal. He has an injury history so I'm hesitant to sign him to a longer deal. Think of it as a trial year. It's low risk high reward. If he works out and has a great year then awesome and if not then I didn't lose much.

For my second signing I decided that I wanted a veteran presence in the secondary. I took a look at cornerbacks available to see what I could find. There are some decent options available. Instead of making a big splash I sign Sheldon Brown. He's a very solid veteran who will be able to teach the younger corners how to play better. He's not a lock down corner but he will definitely help the team. He gets a 3 yr $8,000,000 deal which puts his cap hit at around $2.5 million.

My third signing takes care of my final QB spot. It's very slim pickings at the position. I decided to sign Chase Daniel to a 2 year $3,000,000 deal. He has solid upside and has played decently in limited action for the Saints. He represents a decent insurance policy in case I'm unable to draft a QB.

Draft: Now comes the draft.I have a pretty good idea of who I want and where I want them. My team needs are QB, LB, DE, and HB. Here's how it plays out.

Rd1: Landry Jones, QB OU. I'm not as sold on Mike Glennon as some on here but he would have been my pick. Unfortunately, a QB needy team traded in front of me and snatched him. I go with my fallback choice of Landry Jones. He's 5th all time on FBS touchdown passes and he's played against great competition. I see him being a great QB in the future. His senior season was a success in my eyes and his stats (3198 Yds 26 Tds 14 Ints) back him up.

Rd2: Cornelius Carradine, DE FSU. Watching some film on him I liked what I saw enough to make him my second pick of the draft. At 6 foot 5 and 265 pounds he's a lean athletic machine. He's improving as a run stuffed and looks like he's rather difficult to block. His senior year saw him post 11 sacks and 13 tackles for loss in 12 games. Due to an injury his draft stock takes a hit and I pounce. If he works out then the defensive line gets even better. The risk seemed worth it to me.

Rd3: Gerald Hodges, LB PSU. The next need on my list is linebacker and I have watched a lot of Hodges. He's a very athletic linebacker who is good at stopping the run and defending the pass. Has the potential to be a three down LB which is a plus. Penn State has a history of producing great linebackers and I feel Hodges will continue that trend.

Rd4: Montee Ball, RB Wisconsin. Not having a 3rd string running back could be problematic so I roll the dice and draft Ball. He's a solid power runner who will take Fred Jackson's place down the road when he retires. Two seasons ago he threatened Barry Sanders rushing TD record and had a solid senior season.

Rd5. Brian Winters, OT Kent State. A three time All-Mac selection Winters had a great senior season. You can never have enough depth in the trenches so I select him in the fifth round. He'll provide a solid depth option in the event of an injury. It's a typical Bills small school gem.

Rd6. Damion Square, DT Ala. Was a solid contributor on Alabama's defense with 33 tackles, 4 tackles for a loss, and 3.5 sacks. He is a versatile player who can flip between DE/DT and brings a decent depth option. Nothing flashy here really.

I'm pretty sure that we owe Seattle our 7th rounder for Tarvaris Jackson so that's why there isn't a 7th pick.

Depth Chart: Here's my depth chart for 2013.

QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Landry Jones, Chase Daniel

HB: CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Montee Ball

FB: Corey McIntyre

TE: Scott Chandler, Lee Smith

WR: Stevie Johnson, Danario Alexander, TJ Graham, David Nelson, Donald Jones, Marcus Easley

OT: Cordy Glenn, Sam Young, Chris Scott, Brian Winters

G: Andy Levitre, Kraig Urbik, Chad Rinehart,

C: Eric Wood, David Snow

DE: Mark Anderson, Mario Williams, Cornelius Carradine, Kyle Moore

DT: Marcel Dareus, Kyle Williams, Alex Carrington, Damion Square

LB: Nigel Bradham, Kelvin Shephard, Nick Barnett, Gerald Hodges, Arthur Moats,Chris White

SS: Aaron Williams, Da'norris Searcy, George Wilson

FS: Jairus Byrd, Mana Silva

CB: Sheldon Brown, Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin, Ron Brooks, Justin Rogers

I decide to roll with Fitz as the starter so that Landry Jones can learn. I move Aaron Williams to safety to see how he does there. I feel comfortable with this move and let McKelvin try his hand in the slot. I have solid depth on both sides of the ball. In the event of injuries the team should do fine.

Final Thoughts: I know the decision to retain Gailey and Wannstedt won't be popular but you don't build a great franchise through constant turnover. With Arians at the helm and Gailey only having to worry about calling plays the offense should produce better than before. If not he is easily replaced since Arians is a good offensive coordinator himself. With a full season under their belts the defense should play better. So that's it. Let me know how I did guys and thanks for reading!

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