Suteck's light hearted BROP

Hello Rumblers, we all want to win, so, here is my BROP that will lead us to many many super bowls:

We cut the whole team. These guys will play for the love of the game and only the game:

We sign:

DE, DT, Mechagodzilla. I had considered several Kaiju, but, he is someone that plays hard every play, and his engine never runs out, literally, it's nuclear powered. Godzilla was considered here, but, was too much of a wild card. And his breath weapon was a bit erratic, we don't want to hurt our own guys, right? Mechagodzilla is a finely tuned monster who has multiple defensive moves that can shred any offensive line or offense in general. I'd hate to be Brady's shorts when he sees this monster coming at him unblocked.

My special weapon is Voltron force. While I'd love to hire the Lions, I have to use the dumb american cars and trucks version. I need 10 guys and they are perfect for these roles. Each one is super fast and can play any position on the defense. Can't go wrong with these guys on your D. As a special defense, they can play the 2-0 defense where they form Voltron and him and Mechagodzilla both destroy the OL and attack the QB. I suspect no one will survive that from the other team, so, you can't have too many weapons. My only concern is that will the carnage count as unnecessary roughness. I'll need a ref to interpret the rule book. I plan on having a team of zombies nearby, not that they are there to influence his decision.

As backups, and speaking of our favorite zombies, they are the primary backups. Yes, they are a bit slow, which is why you teach them to attack once the ball is snapped. They will go to the ball and just eat the competition alive.

I feel fairly confident about the defense to stop most drives (evil laugh, and here's hoping Tom brady is the first QB we face)

On offense, I have signed Grey Hulk. He's strong, smart and can hit any pass. He's my QB.

At RB I have Flash, the dude is fast, really fast and shifty. As a change of pace back, I have the Thing from the fantastic four. He's a bulldozer and very hard to bring down.

At WR, I have Hawkman. The dude can fly. I also have Megatron, well, b/c he's Megatron, wait, what, he's human, ummmm, okay.

I also have Spiderman, Carnage and Venom as my third, 4th and 5th WR. They have hands like glue.

My TEs will be Captain America and Batman. they can handle themselves and have great hands. they understand angles and can block and catch.

Lastly, the OL is run by Optimus Prime and his autobots. they are a great cohesive team that just work well together. They are human Bulldozers, literally, a few are bulldozers, and will run over anyone on the defense.

My coaches are:

Dr. Strange He is the special teams coach. Need I say more?

As my DC is Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (think about it)

My OC is the Thinker. The dude never stops coming up with new and inventive ways to make plays for world domination. I can't wait to see what he brings to the combat of football, american style

My head coach is Lex Luthur, of course, who else could it be? What has stopped Superman from beating him to a pulp? I have no clue honestly. You think if he'd break a few legs and arms, he'd leave him the heck alone, so, for his pure brilliance at not getting the snot beaten out of him by everyone in DC, you, MR Luthur, are my head coach.

We are set to win every super bowl for the next 40 or so years. Beat that everyone!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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