TCMiller30's BROP

Let's give this a shot.

Coaching: I get rid of Gailey. I think the writing is on the wall, and there's no way the front office will be able to sell this team to the fans if Gailey is still running the show. Wannstadt and Nix go with him. I don't really think Nix did a good job player/talent wise, but with an in-house candidate waiting in the wings, Whaley takes over GM duties. To replace Gailey, I would like to bring in a guy who has a history of getting outstanding QB play: Marc Trestman. I think with him at the helm and David Lee still in as QB coach would be a great situation for a rookie to come in and develop (hopefully I don't forget to draft one!!). He has also won two grey cups in 5 years in the CFL, and although it's not the NFL, he's still shown that he can get it done. While in the NFL, he was always amongst the leaders in offense.

To bring in guys he's familiar with for OC in Bill Callahan. Callahan has experience in the AFC east, having coached for the NJ Jets, where he put extra emphasis on the running game as it fit his big strong o-line with a RB stable (Jones, LT, Greene) much greater than their QB (Sanchez situation). I think this would take some of the pressure off of a rookie quarterback getting his feet wet in the NFL.

At DC, I'm going to go with a little bit more of a reach and go with Ken Norton Jr. He's done a great job with the LBs in Seattle, and before that with the trio at USC (Matthews, Cushing and Rey M). He would be taking a promotion from LB coach to DC, which he hasn't done in his career as a coach, but I don't know if he'd want to leave the situation in Seattle with Carrol. But I'd sure try!

Re-signs and Cuts (Cap hits all found on sportrac): From my estimation with the roll-over and cap space, we have about 24mil. Take away about 5m for the draft and I've got 19 mil for free agents.

First off to free up some space I'd cut Brad Smith (3.75m cap hit), Chris Kelsay (4.975m), Lindell (3m, are you kidding me?!?!) and Wilson (4m). That gets me an extra 17 mil, with now 36 mil for contracts.

I would do whatever was necessary to sign Levitre and Byrd. Using Chris Snee as an example (6y 41m) I would like to be around that ballpark with Levitre, 6 years 39m (6.5m cap hit). Byrd is nice because if you can't work out a deal there's always the cheap franchise tag for FS (something like 6+million). However, I think he should be paid and paid well. I'd match the Weddle deal for Byrd, 5 years 40m (8m cap hit). I'd also like to see McKelvin (3y 9 mil), Nelson (3y 4.5m) Rinehart (3y 9m) back and Jones (1y 1.5m) back. If the later to can't agree to terms they should be offered tenders (Nelson 3rd round, Rinehart 4th) That brings me down to about 15 million. To fill in some gaps, I'd bring in Chase Daniels (2years 3mil), Manny Lawson (3 years, 5mil) and my big splash.. Dwayne Bowe. I think he's going to earn something close to Stevie's deal, so I'll put him at 5 years 37 million. I think after the draft and UDFA's that will bring me pretty close to the cap

The Draft (projected rounds from CBSsports):

Pick 6: Mantei Te'o LB ND. I really wanted to go QB here, and although I do think there's a good case for Glennon, I just think Te'o should be the pick. If Geno was to fall here I would sprint to the podium with that selection. With Te'o we'd be getting someone who can stay on the field for 3 downs, and with the way Barnett looked in coverage this year, he may be the only who can do that come 2013. I'm not as enamored with Shep as the front office seems to be, and I have Te'o battle, and likely win, that spot from day 1. I think Te'o could also slide over in place of Barnett.

TRADE! Pick 15: Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse: To move up to this spot (1050 points) I give away Buffalo's 2nd (520 points), 3rd (240 points) and 2014 2nd (I couldn't find the value here, but I assume it's > or around 300). With this pick, Buffalo gets their QB. I like the skillset that Nassib offers. He's incredibly smart, strong, runs a fast paced offense. From what I've read, he may need a little time correcting footwork issues, but I really like the tools and have no problem moving up to get him. I think Trestman and Lee will be able to work on those issues, and he'll hopefully be starting sooner rather than later.

Pick 38: Traded

Pick 70: Traded

Pick 102: William Gohlston DE, Michigan State: I really wanted to put Margus Hunt here, as CBS has him rated as a 3-4 round projection, but I don't think there's any chance he makes it out of the 2nd. No way to the 4th. In William Gohlston you're getting a similar physical presence, who admittedly, may also measure his way out of the 4th round. Gohlston is a monster (6'7" 280 lbs) and would help improve the run D. He had a shoulder injury a while back, and was suspended for on the field incidents last year which are definitely flags. But the coaches are here to coach, and should be able to help harness this kids talent.

Pick 134: Terry Hawthorne CB, Illinois: Hawthorne is a pretty good player on a pretty miserable Illinois team. He has decent size and speed, but lacks great footwork. He's also a versatile player, and has taken reps at WR.

Pick 164: Drew Frey SS, Cincinnati: A hard hitting safety with good size (6'3, 212). He had two bad injuries early on (shoulder and forearm), that caused him to miss his first two full seasons, but hasn't missed a game since. If he can stay healthy he could be a nice project behind Searcy.

UDFA: I'm bringing Potter back, for no other reason that kickers are so volatile, there will be so many available come the off-season who aren't available now. And Potter has familiarity with out STs ;)

QB: Nassib, Fitzy, Daniels

HB: Spiller, Freddy, UDFA

FB: CMac

WR: Johnson, Bowe, Graham, Nelson, Easley, Jones

TE: Chandler, Smith

LT: Glenn, Sanders, Young

LG: Levitre, Rinehart

C: Wood, Snow

RG: Urbik

RT: Hairston,Pears

LDE: M Williams, Gohlston, Gilbert

NT: Dareus, Troup

DT: K Williams, Carrington

RDE: Anderson, Moore

MLB: Te'o, Sheppard

OLB: Bradham, Nick Barnett, Lawson, Moats

CB: Gilmore, Williams, McKelvin, Rogers, Brooks, Hawthorne

FS: Byrd,

SS: Searcy, Frey, Silva

Special Teams:

K: Potter.

P: Powell

LS: Sanborn

Wow that was way tougher than I though it'd be. It's probably even harder when you're working with real people and real negotiations, with the pressure of an angry fan base. Haha

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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