After being named GM I fired Chan via telepathy immediately after shaking hands with Ralph and Buddy. Then the clouds parted and the sun shined through onto OBD like it was July. Good times.

Front Office

I'm going for continuity here by keeping Nix, Whaley and the front office in general letting Buddy do what he wants to. I could rip it all apart but I don't think that's the answer right now.


Before picking a coach I want to think what I want in a coach. I think good defense and running the football are key ingredients to success in the NFL. It might seem like an old adage but I don't think putting to much stress on a QB early in their career is a good thing. Buffalo doesn't have a QB on their roster worth keeping so they will have a young QB or a crappy veteran that they will need to protect. I also want a coach that is diverse being able to implement many schemes depending on available personnel. No different than coordinators using the read option for Newton, Wilson and RG3.

Enter Bill Cowher

But J2 Cowher won't coach in Buffalo! He wants to be close to his family and the Bills suck! Good thing the Bills can use the impending Toronto deal to subsidize Cowher's gigantic contract at who gives a crap rate isn't it?

Cowher can pick from his coaching tree and assemble a coaching staff that features a flexible offensive coordinator with an emphasis on running the football and a good defensive coach. The fact that there are some Pittsburgh roots in Buffalo certainly helps our cause.

Can we pry him away from his comfy chair on Sundays and get him away from his sunny Carolina weather? Somewhere around $8 - $10 million a year thinks so.


Cut or no longer with team: Thigpen, Brad Smith, Tarvaris Jackson (god awful QB situation in Buffalo), Choice, Brian Scott, George Wilson, Pears, Spencer Johnson, Rian Lindell and some fringe scrubs.

Resign Byrd, Levitre, Moore, McIntyre, McKelvin and Nelson. Franchise Byrd if necessary

Free Agency

William Moore, Wallace or Bowe (which ever I get first), Kellen Clemens, Jared Cook


I'm not sure where Buffalo's drafting. So i'm going with 5th if that's o.k. with everyone.

1) Damontre Moore - DE Texas A&M

1b) Buffalo trades backup into the 1st for Nassib. I had Buffalo drafting 37th and moving up to 22 to get Nassib while giving up a 2nd, 3rd and next years 3rd.

4) Marcus Davis - WR Hokies

5) Caleb Sturgis - K Florida

6) Baker Steinkuhler - DT Nebraska

7) Montel Harris - RB Temple



QB - Fitz, Nassib, Clemens

RB - Spiller, Jackson, Harris, McIntyre

TE - Chandler, Smith, Jared Cook

WR - Bowe/Wallace, Stevie, D. Nelson, Graham, Davis, Jones

T - Glenn, Hairston, Sanders, Young

G - Levitre, Urbik, Rhinehart

C - Wood, Snow


DE - Moore, Moore, Williams, Anderson, Merriman

DT - Williams, Dareus, Carrington, Troup, Steinkuhler

LB - Bradham, Barnett, Sheppard, White, Morrison

CB - Gilmore, Williams, Brooks, Rogers,

S - Searcy, Byrd, Moore, Silva


Powell, Sanborn, Sturgis, McKelvin

I know that some won't like the LB corps that I really didn't touch but I think Sheppard and Bradham need to continue playing and growing so I left that as is. As far as draft I typically have an issue of when guys will fall, especially in later rounds, but I liked how it went. In regards to the kicker in the 5th - how many times do you see 5th, 6th and 7th round guys cut early? Pretty frequently so i'd rather use that on a starting kicker. He'd be a rookie kicker but he looks the part and Buffalo needs someone new. Lindell is getting old.

I realize that some might not think it's realistic because of Cowher but I think money can talk and we can get him if we go all in.

Rip it apart folks!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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