The Problems with ditching CH- and keeping -IX

Recent discussions here have focused on the future of Chan and the future of Buddy. Gone are the weekly refrains from OBD of continuity in Buffalo. We are seeing more possibility that the Bills could at least explore replacing Chan, if not cleaning CHIX out of OBD altogether.

I know many of you disagree, but I think Nix deserves to stay and Chan deserves to go. Buddy has been the best GM we've had here since the glory days. Buddy has done a better job building talent on this roster than his predecesors. He's developed the o-line better than his predecessors and I believe he's generally done a nice job assembling talent on the roster. While more is needed, we are in my opinion better off today, in terms of overall talent on this team than we were when he took over. This tenure has not been without its share of terrible mistakes (3-4 experiment), but I've generally felt hes done well enough to keep his job.

The problem I see is that we can't hire a new coach and keep Buddy unless Buddy is committed to staying 3-4 years and unless we are committed to staying with him for 3-4 years. Let me explain.

A GM wants to select his coach. Rarely do you find a GM who will take on a team without having the chance to select his own coach. If he walks into a team with a coach in place, he'll replace that coach before long.

I think that if we let Buddy hire the next coach, we are all but assuring continued upheval for the next several seasons. Absent a bounceback year in 2013 I dont see Buddy keeping his job next year. With change at QB and with a rookie QB (maybe) we can't count on improvement next year. Without improvement, Buddy gets fired next offseason. If Buddy gets fired, we either have to replace the HC or we hire a new GM who cant pick his own HC. Hiring a new GM who cant pick his own HC limits the pool of interested talent. Once we select a GM, you'd have to be concerned that the new GM would be looking for a chance to fire the HC so he can bring in his own guy.

In short, I think that you can only let BUddy hire the next HC if you are willing to keep Buddy for 3 years, give or take, to see if the new coach works out. Since I dont think the organization can make that commitment to Buddy based on his track record, I think the GM needs to change at this point in time.

One other possibiltiy to consider is the effect of the head coaching search on the GM's role. If we again target big fish head coaches (Cohwer, etc.), the new coach might demand more personnel control that could be afforded in the existing structure. We might need to replace the GM so we get someone who will cede some control to the big name head coach.

I would implore the Bills to look outside the organization if and when a new GM is hired. I am sick of the inbreeding at OBD since the failed Donahoe experiment. Ralph, don't let one bad experience keep you from looking for a new GM in places outside OBD.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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