Aright guys, I have never done this before and I am not good at contracts so bare with me. If I'm wrong on the free agents I feel like I'm far enough below the ceiling that the contracts can go up or down without effecting my plans. I tried to used contracts the Bills gave similar Bills players, but still could get it wrong.

First the front office. Start off firing Buddy Nix and making Doug Whaley the GM. Next I make MIke Zimmer HC and let him decide his other coaches(with my approval).

Our Own Players:


Donald Jones-2 year, $1.5 million

Colin Brown-2 year, $1.2 million

David Nelson-2 year, $1.5 million

Chad Rinehart-1 year, $1.26 million

Jairus Byrd-5 years, $40 million

Andy Levitre-5 year, $35 million

Kyle Moore-2 year, $1.5 million

Dorian Dickerson-1 year, $630,000

total hit: $19.8 million

Let go:

Leodis Mckelvin(I would like him to come back, but i think someone is going to over pay him and let him start just to get him), Corey McIntyre, Tashard Choice, Tarvaris Jackson, Spencer Johnson, Tyler Thigpen, Shawne Merriman, Bryan Scott, Ruvell Martin, Mike Caussin


Kelsay ($4,175,000), McGee ($2,100,000), Wilson ($3,375,000),B.Smith ($2,750,000),LIndell($2,100,000),Thomas Welch($630,00),Chris Hogan($480,000).TJ Heath($555,000),Marcus Easley($480,000),Crezdon Butler($555,000)),Greg Lloyd($480,000), Jay Ross($480,000),Torell Troup($575,000)

total gain: $18.4 million

Salary Cap

I believe we have 105.6 million committed for 2013. After adding the re-signing of $19.8 million and subtracting the cuts of $18.4 million. We have $13.6 million left for free agency, without rolling over.

Free Agency

Glenn Dorsey(2.5million) 4 years 10 million-can play DE or DT

Terrence Knighton(2.5million) 4 years 10 million- Knighton young and a good run stopper

Micheal Johnson(5million) 5 years 25 million- young getting better each year

Quentin Jammer(2.5million) 2 years 5 million- old, but still good only looking for temporary guy to show the young guys how it's done

Ramses Barden(1million) 2 years 2 million- Tall 6'6 225lbs WR, has not played much in New York. From a small school so i think will start turning it on this year or next

total hit next season: $13.5 million


First round: #6 Mike Glennon QB NC State- Could be 1st round talent or could be 2nd round talent either way I think he needs to be taking in the 1st to get him.

Second round: #41 Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee- He is amazing, would be higher in the draft i think if he didn't spend most his time at a small school

Third round: #72 Arthor Brown OLB Kansas State- A tackling machine, with the size for the outside

Fourth round: #103 Darius Slay CB Mississippi State- Tall good defender, over shadowed my teams across the field.

Fifth round: #134 Dennis Johnson RB Arkansas- Good runner that keeps his feet under him and doesn't go down from the first hit. I think he would thrive in cold snowy Buffalo

Sixth round: #169 Khalil Mack OLB University of Buffalo- Haven't heard if he is coming out or not. If he does I can't imagine he will very high, but of course could be wrong

Seventh round: #234(Compensatory pick) Dustin Hopkins K Florida State- Lindell is getting old keep looking for a replacement

UDFA: Jeff Tuel QB Washington State-Pretty good prospect, but can't stay healthly at all! I just want to be a damn good scout team QB that doesn't get hit ever.

2013 Roster





(5)WR- Patterson*,Johnson,Graham,Barden,Jones


(9)OL- Glenn,Hairston,Levitre,Wood,Brown,Urbik,Rinehart,Pears,Young


(4)DE- M.Williams,Moore,M.Johnson,Anderson






{Special Teams}(3)

(1)P- Powell
(1)LS- Sanborn

Roster Notes:

-Keeping Fitz at least one more season, to help Glennon transition

-Patterson&Barden battle and push each other on the outside.

-Stevie in the slot

-Brooks Plays the slot with Rodgers behind him

-A. Williams makes the transition over to SS, but still plays some CB when needed

-Slay plays behind Gilmore and Jammer in hopes that next 2014 he can take over across Gilmore

-Slowly bulking up the DL with a signing of a good young DE in Micheal Johnson, he sacks increase each year and across from Mario i think he will improve even more.

-Replace the back end DTs (that have not been showing much) with better ones that might still improve.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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