Cinga Brop

I was going to just post a funny brop, but most of the ones I've read, were too funny to beat out, so decided to get serious instead....

First up, if I'm GM, either Nix is gone, or been promoted. But since I have Mr Wilson's ear, I will promote myself to VP of Football Operations, and allow Buddy to retire gracefully, right after the draft, which I have final say on picks btw....

Effective May 1, Whaley promoted to GM, and will assume total control of player personnel, including the draft from that point on. Also effective that day, my own retirement as VP of Football Operations since we all know, it's more fun complaining about stuff than actually taking responsibility for them so I'm only in this for immediate gratification.

For a Head Coach, I want someone with fire in his belly!!! I am so sick and tired of the stoic type coach, I wanna puke! We need someone that has drool running down his cheek, and spits when he yells!!! And no, Cowher isn't my first choice, knowing that is what many of you are thinking....I also want someone with HC experience, preferably with a winning record, in the NFL, or MAJOR college program (but IF from there, has NFL coaching experience too)

But look, 3 years ago, Buffalo wasn't a very attractive city for prospective coaches because of the lack of talent, and the wonder of Mr Wilson's health, and the stadium lease. But folks, that's behind us... ALL of it!!

We have a wonderfully talented team, only missing a piece or two to compete with the best in the league. Of all the teams rumored to be in search of a HC this year, I would argue Buffalo, is closer to the playoffs, and has the most talent. This time, WE control the market!!!

First choice.... Jon Gruden... been there, done that sorta guy, that I think is just waiting for an opportunity like the Bills can present. Second??? Brian Billeck... He actually voiced 3 years ago that he would like the challenge of coaching our team. But folks, BOTH these guys coach with passion, light a fire under your ass, and kick butt attitude. Fallback??? Get Kelly on the phone with his old friend, Mark Richt (they were team mates in college)HC of the UGA Bulldawgs. Heck, he might even be the best choice, but hardest to pry away from his current gig...

Before I get into players, a couple other "minor" changes I'd like to announce....

Chris Brown, luv ya bro for fantastic reporting , but I want someone who will tell it like it is, regardless of who they work for. I expect even the reporters on my staff to be honest, even brutally so. If I screw up, tell the fans the truth. To accomplish that, you and Hannah can to resign, I'll keep Murph.... for now.... But whether he keeps his job is now up to Matt Rich Warren, and his assistant, Port Royal (sorry Brian, you have to stay here with the psychos like me)... Hey, I said I wanted them to be honest, and especially, PR will dump on me at will.... Matt, your new responsibilities will also include monitoring the BBMB and it's mods, but leave my sister, Wyo, alone... :-)

Added to the scouting staff, is Jason Pieri, and over at BBMB, he's known as BillsFan, but I think he's Fantastic here. Folks, I know football, but I feel small compared to these guys. Met BillsFan at TC this year, and look forward to meeting DJ someday soon as well...

One final (I think) front office move... Forever, henceforth, JoeP is to be the director of the Buffalo Jills Cheerleader Squad. Message to Joe... nothing off limits, OK??? But keep it somewhat family friendly... Cheerleaders should be fun to watch, and distract fans when things aren't going well, and I know I picked the right man to make it so.... Besides, I need you to distract people from MRWs and Port Royal's stories... Countin' on you buddy!!!!

Crap, that part was easy, now the hard part... (not really hard, just need effect)

Player cuts and "retirements"... I'm not doing the budget thing... so sue me....

Kelsay and McGee will retire as Bills, saving a lot of cap cash. I'm with most fans, I wish we could give them a winning team before hand, but i also wish we had done that for a number of players.

Fitz... sorry, also gone... the main argument I hear for keeping him, even at a reduced salary is because he knows the system.... WTF over!!!! We have a new coach, and new system!!! Brad Smith getting cut, also saves cap space, and now, we have no QBs... GOOD!!!!

Our own FAs...

Re-sign in this order... Byrd, Levitre, Merriman, and Rienhardt.... I don't think I get an argument on 3 of the 4, so let me talk about Merriman.. He has easily, over the last 4 weeks, been our best all around DE. The run stopper we need, and while not the pass rusher he used to be, has excelled as a team leader. If you disgree, I suggest you watch those games again, and watch him on the sidelines. Honorable mention goes to Jones and Nelson, both should be easy to bring back...

"other FAs"

D. Bowe WR, and M Bennett TE.... Both are tall, and can hopefully, make catches from a QB who often overthrows his receivers...

Final FA signing??? Tim Tebow... I know, I never claimed to be sane, but if you look to my leadership team above, most were in favor of picking him a few short years ago. And now, his price is lower, and I not only want a coach with spittle running down his face, I want a QB that will run through a brick wall if the coach tells him to. Regardless of what you may think of him as a QB, he is a leader, something sorely missing on this team.He holds the fort, and mentors his successor...

Draft.... Ha!!!!!!

First round...

Geno is gone... Glennon is NOT worthy of our pick, regardless of how bad we need a new QB, below 60% completion last year? Please!!! You insult my intelligence with the agruement, "oh, but new coach, new receivers" Just stop it... . Nassib??? yeah, maybe in second or lower..

First round pick, HAS to be a player who gets on the field day one, and only one QB in this draft is good enough for that if he declares. Not even Geno.... So my pick, assuming he's there, is T'eo, if he;s not there, J Jones of UGA at LB... Folks, you NEVER bypass this kind of talent, and REACH for a perceived need.. Yes, we can do better than TT long term, but not this high in the draft....

Second Round....

If he declares, Murray, out of UGA... At 8, it's way too high for him compared to my choices above, but if he's still there around 15, start dealing. Give up the rest of the draft if need be, but get him. Pro offense his career at GA, and still needs work, but I would argue, if he comes out, he is the MOST pro ready QB in this draft, bar none... I'm a homer, but still question how high his ceiling is, but if you want a QB that can win his rookie season, pick Murray...

Rest of draft??? I don't care right now because it's a long way off. Still putting my board together beyond the first 2 or 3....

Flame on!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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