Rating Buffalo's 2012 Season

My personal Ratings List of the Roster including Nix and Gailey

I’m confident that people will disagree with me somewhere down the line if not a lot but I am interested to see others opinions on it. I have watched every game including the pre-season so that being said here we go…

Member- 2012 Rating – Potential for the Future (Peak) – At Worst (lowest Peak)
Buddy Nix= A … A … B = He did bring in M. Williams, resigned good players and had a good draft
Chan Gailey= D … B … D = I rate him a B in potential because I still believe in him with a quality QB

QB Fitz= C+ … B- …D- = Streaky at best but not all of it falls on him, hes around the 19th QB in the league
RB Jackson= B-…B+…C = Hard to rate him since he has been injured but still can be a game changer
RB Spiller= A+…A+…B = Nuf said
WR Johnson= B+…A…C+ = I think he would be an easy A in the slot, hopefully we will find out
WR Jones= C+…B-…C- = A good solid backup who can make a splash from time to time
WR Graham= C-…B+…D+ = Excellent speed, questionable hands at times, with a good QB?
WR Martin= C-…B+…D+ = He gets a B+ for special teams
TE Chandler= B…B+…C = Good quality TE, not great but one of the best Buffalo has had in 20 years
C Wood= B+…A-…B- = I think the guy can be Pro Bowl if he can stay healthy and if the Bills start winning
G Levitre= A…A…B = Only downside is his size but he makes up for that with skill, hes All Pro
G Urbik= B…B…C+ = Just a good solid starter, not flashy
T Glenn= B+…A+…B- = He shows signs of being an All Pro, time will tell
T Harriston= B-…B+…C+ = Solid starter at RT
DE M. Williams= A-…A+…B- = Say what you want, I’m extremely excited hes a Bill
DE Moore= B…B+…C = A pleasant surprise
DL K Williams= B+…A…B = The guys motor never stops and is a game changer at times
DL Dareus= B-…A+…C+ = If he wants to he can be an All Pro, hard year for him, next year bounce back
DL Carrington= B-…B…C+ = Pleasant surprise, best at blocking kicks in the business?
DL Sp Johnson= C+…B-…C = Solid backup who can make a play or 2 when called upon
DE Merriman= C+…B-…C= I believe he can still contribute as a backup next year
LB Bradham= B…A…C+ = Potential solid LB, might have found an answer to a needy LB core
LB Barnett= B…B…B- = Solid LB but age is becoming an issue sadly
LB Sheppard= C+…B…C- = I do not believe he is the answer to the MLB
CB Gilmore = B+…A+…B = I really believe Nix picked a shut down CB, he will be a star for years to come
CB A. Williams = C+…B…C- = Can hang with most WR but better learn how to play the ball better
CB Leo as Special teams = A-…A…B= As a CB he cant play the ball well but hes a stud as a returner
S Wilson=B-…B…C- = Age is an issue, what happened to his ball skills?
S Searcy= B…A-…C+ = This guy can and is starting to be a solid NFL Safety
S Byrd =A-…A+…B+ = Best safety in the AFC
P Powell= B…A-…D = Strong leg, excellent at times, scratch your head moments in other times
K Lindell= A-…A…B+ = One of the most accurate of all time, what happened last Jets game?

Defense Overall D-…A…D- =I am shocked at how badly they underperformed,someone has to take blame
Offense Overall C…B…D= Changes have to be made somewhere

So there you have it, my personal grades. Maybe now I can sleep with it not on the back of my mind keeping me up at night. I think Nix should stay, Gailey I go back and forth on, mostly because I wonder what he can do with someone who is accurate on the deep ball which would open up tons of room for options.
I’m not against cleaning house because I just want my team to win but if they both come back I’m ok with that for one more year as long as they get a new QB. I like Fitz, probably would want to talk with him more then anyone else on the team but I’ve had enough losing and change has to happen somewhere

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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