Just Say NO to Haslett

Bills fans are a resilient bunch. I personally have now survived two head coaches who, at the time they were hired, were absolute disappointments. A head coaching search is exciting for me. I love the speculation, build up and rumors. Jauron and Gailey were such colossal disappointments for me. As a Bills fan, you start to develop this losing mentality where you just expect the worst even when things look good. How many times in the last 13 years have the Bills found ways to blow exciting, winnable games. Well, I compare the last two coaching searches to moments like those winnable games. The Bills fool you with hope that they've finally made it, that they'll finally buck the trend and win against a good opponent, only to blow it in the end. The last two coaching searches have been just like those games. Painful failures. Its not just the fact that the Bills have hired coaches who've failed, its that the coaches were such uninspired choices when they were hired.

I hope this is the year that changes. I'd love to see an up and coming coordinator come in to Buffalo, or a well respected veteran. I'm tired of underwhelming retreads.

But, history has me cautious. I'm displaying my Bills fan mentality when I cant help but fear that the Bills will screw this up again. I am afraid they'll hire an underwhelming retread. The name the brings fear to me is Jim Haslett. Mark this post the official DONT HIRE HASLETT stream. Please, lord please, don't let the Bills do it.

Haslett, like Jauron and Gailey, would be an uninspired, underwhelming choice. His hire would be a failure in my opinion. Why you ask

1 - No one else wants him. Much like Gailey and Jauron, Haslett is not an in demand guy as a head coaching candidate. Other than an obligatory interview because he served on the prior coaches staff, how many interviews has Haslett got in the last several years. Only Buffalo, in my recollection considered him for their job. I'm tired of hiring the guy no one else wants. Other candidates are in demand for a reason - because they are well regarded as potential head coaches in the NFL. Why not hire someone universally regarded as a strong head coaching candidate? Stop hiring guys who no one wants.

2 - Haslett's track record is terrible. He made one playoff appearance in 7 years as a head coach. He has a career sub-500 record over 7 seasons as a head coach. Enough said. His career W-L is pretty comparable to Jauron's at the time he was hired.

3 - Haslett is a jerk. I live near STL and heard all the banter during the Linehan - Haslett years about Haslett's abrasive personality. He's a jerk, plain and simple. Now being a jerk on its own isnt a fatal flaw. I'd take a jerk who can coach. Haslett can't coach though.

4 - Cronyism. I'm sick of the inbreeding at OBD that keeps happening. Outsiders are OK. We don't need to fear them. Haslett's prior connection to Buffalo means nothing to me. Yes I want a coach who wants to be in Buffalo and will love the team as much as I do. But, NO I don't think Haslett's playing time here makes him uniquely qualified to love this team. The city and the fans are so endearing its rare a player doesnt love being here. I think the same would be true for any coach who has success in Buffalo.

That's just scratching the surface, folks. I for one cannot stand the thought of Haslett as head coach in Buffalo. He's a good coordinator, but he'd be a terrible choice as our next head coach. I'm dreading the coaching search in some regards because I fear Haslett will be a candidate.

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