FidesinDeus's quick n dirty BROP

You better listen to me Mr. Wilson/Russ Brandon/whoever calls the shots. I heard a rumor that Russ Grimm is being interviewed for the Bills HC job, and for a moment I immediately started hoping Gailey would come back (who I love as a human being by the way, great OC, terrible HC). Please Buffalo do NOT screw this up by bringing in some SLOB that couldn't motivate Richard Simmons. You need to hire Lovie Smith as HC to fix our defense and Marc Trestman as OC to develop whichever QB we draft and run the ball 25 times a game. I would also like you to REHIRE Joe D'Alessandris as OL coach and not just because he reminds me of George W. Bush.

Then you need to draft Manti Te'o at 8 (else Joeckel/else best available DE if Te'o is gone) and trade your 2nd and 4th round picks to jump back into the end of the 1st round and take Glennon or Barkley. If KC and OAK don't go QB in the 1st, Denver might be a prime candidate to trade with as they can stick it to their division rivals. Rounds 3, 5-7 you go best available period.

Resign bird for 6 years/42 mil and if he demands more just tag him. Hell tag him again at 150% in 2014 if he still won't sign. Safety tags are super cheap. While I'd love to keep Levitre I'm not sure it will happen. Offer 5 years/35 mil or let him walk. If he walks, and somehow Joeckel falls to us at 8, run to the podium and slide Cordy (who has been solid at LT) to LG. Re-sign D. Nelson, K. Moore, S. Merriman, C. Rhinehart.

Cut Fitz, Thigpen, Brad Smith, S. Johnson and McGee. For those of you who want Fitz to stay as a mentor, if/when our rookie QB begins to struggle I don't want Stevie to start dreaming about Fitz. Major restructure to Kelsay and Wilson or they get cut as well.

FA SPLASH - Greg Jennings, WR, Glenn Dorsey, DT, Tim Tebow, QB?

OH NO I DIDN'T... but what about the drama at QB you ask? A backup's job is to hopefully win a few ugly games if your QB is injured. It may not always be pretty, but he can do that better than Campbell, Orton, and every other "quality" backup INCLUDING Fitzpatrick. Just tell the guy up front he's the backup/wildcat QB and turn him loose if somehow our rookie QB gets injured. Plus unlike Brad Smith he can occasionally complete a pass to someone who ISN'T on the opposing team.

BTW, I'm an amateur when it comes to the X's and O's of football, but I was very ANGRY when you took Maybin over Orakpo (even my grandmother who has Alzheimers btw can recognize the difference between tinkerbell and the incredible hulk) and I was absolutely FURIOUS after you jumped up to take who I was CERTAIN would be Russell Wilson except it wasn't. So you better listen to me just this one time. You owe me and the rest of the most loyal and long-suffering fans on the planet.

That is all.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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