Case for not Firing Nix

Well figured I just in here with all this speculation flying in the air. I have no clue if Nix will stay or go but as a fan of

this ranchise this is why I think the man should stay on for at least one more year and def should not be fired. Even if the duties eventually are inherited and transitioned to Doug Whaley.

1.) The first reason is our Reputation as a Franchise. This speaks beyond the job of Nix and opinions of him. We are known in the league as getting rid of coaches and regime faster than it can get settled. I'm not saying in some cases we weren't right in getting certain regimes knocked out but few remember how the organization made Big names and small names alike run for the hills. As Fans it is easy to get caught up and think that Big names or sough after coordinators just want to come here to come here, but when you are a small market team, that has a fan base that is one of the strongest yet also impatient carrying the weight of 12 years and many mistakes beyond your own to inherit the moment you walk in the door then makes you want to turn the other way. I can tell you right now Mike Shannahan wouldn't have lasted here. Coaches and even GMs want 5 years. Again I'm not saying Gailey justified 5 years but Nix in my opinion has and getting rid of him so fast only hurts Buffalo. Even if in the end Whaley steps up. Same result two way different ways of accomplishing that goal between firing Nix and letting him gradually pass it over Whaley behind the scenes.

2.) If you think of that time Jauron and boys left. When Buffalo was not a place anyone wanted to go despite Billboards plastered and begging for coaches to come. If you think of everything that makes this team more desirable everything draws right to Nix.

Who is our most dynamic offensive weapon and how did he get on this team? Spiller was Buddy's 1st round pick.

Who is our most dynamic talented weapon on Defense? Mario Williams without even talking about the season no gm/team or anyone in football really honestly believed he had a shot coming here. News outlets time and time again reported he was on his way out. He was gone we waited and you know what for the 1st time in a long as I can remember we weren't broken or left at the alter so to speak. We landed Mario Williams a guy who produced under a horrible Defensive Coordinator and one hand to the tune of 10.5 sacks. He even did so without an true compliment he was suppose to have on the other side of the line with Mark Anderson injured.

Wait why did Mario Williams pick Buffalo? our two DTs in Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus. Where did Marcel come from? oh yeah the draft. Though many down play Dareus who had probably one of the most emotionally traumatic seasons of his life he was worthy of our 1st pick.

Life in the NFL Market. The moment Stanford Rout was cut from the Raiders he came to Buffalo. We ultimately passed but moves like that and in the news means something.

3.) Constructing a firm foundation for our team literally built on the lines of our Offense and Defense. While adding key play-makers and keeping the few play makers we had left from Jauron Era.

We have a promising Young Corner, in Stephen Gilmore who intrigues Coaching prospects. Again CJ Spiller on the offensive side is a dynamic player that intrigues coaches. Keeping Jauris Bryd, Kyle Williams along with offensive linemen in Eric Wood, Andy L., Stevie Johnson (who never caught more than 10 passes before 2010).

4.) Never sat down on the job. He worked the Free Agent wire and Practice squads. Most here will be quick to comment Whaley was the guy that found most of our guys. Well Nix is the GM and he gets as much credit for the finds as the faults most have which is mainly not "finding" a QB fast enough.

When we lost Paul Poz in free agency. We didn't sit on our hands we went out and got Barnett who came in and did a great job for us. We didn't wait for the draft to roll around and throw together a half baked Offensive Line we went out and got Urbik and Pears, Chad Rinehart.

Scott Chandler our best TE he identified and brought in, David Nelson our best possession WR, Kyle Moore a DE most are really excited about this coming year. Also young punter with promise to develop.

He attempted to improve competition at QB bringing in Vince Young and Tavaris Jackson. I wont lie I wish Vince Young would have stuck around can't imagine him doing much worse than Fitz but that decision was Gailey's not to use either guy in Jackson and Young.

5.) Draft wise Nix has hit more on his 1st round picks, which I value more than mid round picks then any GM I can remember in my lifetime for the Bills. CJ Spiller, Marcel Dareus, Stephon Gilmore. His Drafts have improved over the years as well. Some of that is out of his control since some drafts have more talent then others when it comes to depth. We got quality players in our LT answer in Cordy Glenn, Bradham who started to blossom late in the season, contributors in Brooks, Graham. Many cry over Graham and trading up a couple spots for a 7th round pick, but it takes time for WR to develop and I am not giving up on a player after 1 season that was fairly productive.

Most highlight the success of Russel Wilson but just two different teams in different situations. Seattle had Matt Flynn big price free agent at the time had T Jackson as insurance and drafted Wilson not knowing what they get. He turned out to be a surprise kuddos to him and hope he stands up to wear and tare year to year. He lasted to the 3rd round and wasn't a sure thing but those hits happen less frequently then many strikeouts teams face a la Trent Edwards.

6.) Retaining Talent Nix has done a great job keeping our players under contract and here. I hope he stays on to continue that streak with the number of free agents.

7.) He got value out of players that lost their value. People flipped out that Lee Evans was traded but not even 2 seasons afterwards wasn't even in the league anymore and we got a 4th round pick out of it. Let go of D.Bell and got Cordy Glenn to replace him. We cut the smalls players, that weren't talented and added bigger, faster better football players on both sides of the ball.

I'm not against Nix going but he can't be fired call it what you want if the reins to Whaley which is fine you have to do it the right way. Let Nix be part of this draft and off-season locking up our big own free agents and selecting our new coach now that we have a legitimate chance of locking up a quality coach with the talent and moves Nix was responsible for establishing.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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