Buffalo Bills - St. Louis Rams: Ask Turf Show Times

There's something you should know about me right out of the gate. In my preseason Power Rankings, I picked the Buffalo Bills to shock the NFL world and win the AFC East. When I looked at the Bills on paper, both sides of the ball looked poised to be something special. I picked you last season too, and for five games I looked pretty smart, but that's a story for another day.

I'm an editor and writer for Turf Show Times, the SBNation site for all things St. Louis Rams. I'll be dropping in all week to help answer your question about a very young Rams team, and no doubt have many more queries about the Bills too. I'll also be inviting a few of the TST faithful to drop in. Should any of them forget they're guests here, please don't hesitate to let me know.

The Bills have to be one of the biggest stories of the 2012 season so far. While many concentrate on your uber-money free agent acquisition - Mario Williams - I went in another direction as I tried to glean why a talent laden team has sputtered. Yes, you've had key injuries to Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller at different times during the year, but for the life of me I can't see how this team's depth didn't carry it through. I'm bum-fuzzled about Ryan Fitzpatrick, and how he started this season. I slap my forehead when I see this defensive line, though it seems to be hitting its stride right now. (Thanks a bunch for waiting until the Rams to come to town. No, really...)

If you don't know, let me be the first to tell you the Rams are 0-3 against the AFC East this year. Yes, we lost to the Jets - with Sanchez - at St. Louis, and none of the Rams players were drugged or sick at the time. It was a frightful performance that has mentally scared me. I ran around my house carrying scissors with my shoes untied for days until a friend dropped by to remind me about the whole Mayan calendar thing. He explained there were bigger issues in the world than a Rams loss to the Jets. My response was to run faster as I juggled razor blades until another friend dropped by with a huge bag of Cheetos. My world righted itself immediately.

The NFC West has turned into one of the toughest divisions in the NFL this year. All four division teams have top 12 defenses, but they all lack a bit when it comes to offense. Defense is the mean, if not the rule in the NFC West. I'm pretty sure the guys on the Rams offense are responsible for tackling our running backs half the time too. We like defenses. In fact, our offensive line went to matador school in the preseason to help opposing defenses have more fun. An interesting fun fact for you is our defense has scored more touchdowns than our offense in the last two games... Eeek!

Before you ask, let me say straight away that Sam Bradford is in fact a very good quarterback. The offensive line has gotten better each week, and in their last game against the San Francisco 49ers they flat out pounded one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Our defensive line slapped one of the NFL's best offensive lines around too. The Rams' corner backs are turning into a strength after the 11 defensive backs we had on IR last season. Janoris Jenkins - of pre-draft red flags and hookah fame - has scored three touchdown in the last two weeks.

By some fluke of VooDoo math, the Rams actually have a chance at the postseason. If any of you know how this could possibly work, could you explain it to me using pictures and sock puppets?

Enough about the Rams... How's Stevie Johnson's injury? Will he play this Sunday? Last season, Ryan Fitzpatrick played with enthusiasm and fire. After his big payday, he now appears to be almost tentative throwing the ball? Did the Bills change offensive coordinators or offensive schemes from last year? Mario Williams is starting to play like the "Super Mario" of Houston. What was the nature of his wrist injury and why was it so debilitating? C.J. Spiller rocked fantasy football for a time this year. Have the Bills gone back to the "running back by committee" scheme, and if so why? What positions do you feel should be at the top of the Bills shopping list for the 2013 NFL Draft and free agency? How much CAP space will the Bills have in 2013? Whew! Lots of questions, eh?

By the way, if you could take a moment to throw a review in over at a short story contest I'm in, I'd really appreciate it. GO HERE! We poor, starving SBN writers can use all the help we can get!

Whatever happens this Sunday, let there be no injuries. Here's to a great game!

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