Who do you prefer? Mix and Match

Let's pretend that Buffalo is a place that all free agents (coaches, GM's, and players alike) consider when they are job hunting. Let's pretend we don't get the snub from the majority due to weather, lack of media exposure, losing culture, etc. I want to consider options that we may have this coming off-season if things do not work out in the remaining 4 games. Let's just say that we don't make the playoffs and Ralph decides to clean house once again. Let's say he fires Nix, Gailey, and we subsequently let Fitzpatrick walk without paying him the remainder of his lucrative contract. I want to know who the fans would choose for those 3 spots in our organization if the people I list are available as possible replacements when the time comes (for the QB's, this would mean by trade or free agency.) I want to hear from you guys how you would mix and match this group to get the perfect fit. Or would you keep what we have now and wait and see. We will start from the top and move on down:


-Doug Whaley, Buffalo Bills Assistant GM

-Bill Polian, Former Bills, Panthers, and Colts GM

-Chris Polian, Son of Bill, former Colts GM

-Omar Khan, Steelers Director of Football & Business Admin.

-Marc Ross, Giants Director of College Scouting

-Mike Maccagnan, Texans Director of College Scouting

(Admittedly, I don't know much about most of these guys, but I found a list of possible GM candidates and took the ones with the most successful teams that seem to have a knack for good scouting and drafting.)


-Chip Kelly, U. of Oregon Head Coach

-Andy Reid, Eagles Head Coach

-Ray Horton, Cardinals Def. Coordinator

-Perry Fewell, Giants Def. Coordinator

-Kyle Shanahan, Redskins Off. Coordinator

-Ron Rivera, Panthers Head Coach

-Bruce Arians, Colts Off. Coordinator

-Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals Head Coach


-Michael Vick, current Eagles QB

-Alex Smith, current 49ers QB

-Tony Romo, current Cowboys QB

-Tim Tebow, current Jets QB

-Matt Cassel, current Chiefs QB

-Mark Sanchez, current Jets QB

-Carson Palmer, current Raiders QB

-Geno Smith, current West Virginia QB

-Matt Barkley, current USC QB

-Landry Jones, current Oklahoma QB

-Tyler Wilson, current Arkansas QB

-Aaron Murray, current Georgia QB

-Colin Klein, current Kansas St. QB

(Considering some of these QB's may not be ready to start right away, you can choose a current veteran QB and a draftee for him to mentor)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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