Lesser Known Draft Prospects...

We're now officially out of the playoff hunt, so on to the draft...

First, lets start close to home with UB OLB Khalil Mack (6-3, 243). He’s FAST, has good instincts and plays diciplined football. He’s a bit of an odd prospect in that he’s used as both a pass rushing 3-4 OLB (8 sacks this year) and as a more traditional 4-3 OLB where he has some experience dropping into coverage and playing gaps (no INT’s, but plenty of solo tackles). I would consider him to be a little bit of a prospect as he’ll need to adjust to the speed of the pro game, but I believe he could could be an excellent special teamer straight out of the gate and find himself a starting role once Barnett’s contract is up at the end of NEXT season. He also seems to have a good head on his shoulders and is passionate about the game of football...



vs. Kent State=

and one last interview=

Next, lets look at my new favorite WR Oregon Beaver Markus Wheaton (6-1, 190). He needs to put on a little weight, but here’s another guy who has BLAZING straight line speed and has excellent change of direction skills. He’s a bit of a playmaker catching 88 balls for 1200 yards (13.7y/catch) and 11 TD’s. He seems to run good crisp routes, and just plain gets OPEN whether in Man or Zone coverage. Also importantly he has the ability to pluck the ball out of the air with good hands, and is a willing blocker downfield (he’s not great at it, but the effort is there). This is another project, but one that could make waves in the NFL if put into a scheme allowing him to make plays in space...cough, cough...



vs. UCLA=

vs. BYU=

vs. Arizona=

that said, here’s a ridiculously early mock draft, done more to stimulate conversation than anything. Now, I think I’ve made my position very clear on wanting a first round QB (Glennon in particular), but for the sake of discussion, I slotted in DE Dion Jordan (6-7, 250) instead. He is the ONLY non QB I would consider in the first round. Period. In my humble opinion, he has all the skills necessary to be a HOF DE, especially playing across from Mario Williams. Then... in an attempt to get a franchise QB, I’d roll the dice on Brad Sorenson in rd2. Both are high risk, high reward prospects when compared against Jason’s alternative (Glennon in rd1 / Alex Okafor in rd2) which are more proven, pro ready prospects.

rd1- DE Dion Jordan

rd2- QB Brad Sorenson

rd3- SS DJ Swearinger

rd4- OLB Khalil Mack

rd5- WR Markus Wheaton

rd6- K Dustin Hopkins

rd7- Trade to Sea for Tarvaris Jackson

Please feel free to use this fanpost as a forum to talk any draft related STUFF and... if the conversation is good... rec the post so it stays around for a little while

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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