1. Fred Jackson fumble in the red zone - Dangit Fred, your fumbles have really cost us man. Don't forget your fumble at the goaline at home against NE, Spiller. Players

2. Gilmore INT - Gilmore picks it off, heading for 6, Kyle Moore touches an offensive lineman who pulls his best soccer impression and draws a foul. 6 off the board. Rams/Refs

3. Clock mismanagement at end of 1st half - Bills at Rams 34 with 1:00 and 3 TOs after the Gilmore INT. THREE screen passes and a RUN are called, burning all three timeouts plus 24 seconds and netting -1 yards. Bills settle for 3. Coaching

4. Rams muffed punt - 9 times of 10, the Bills would have recovered that ball or blocked the punt, but someone the guy makes an athletic play booting it 20 yards upfield. Unfortunately, that's a killshot for the Bills O. True to fashion, from the 37, Fred Jackson for -1, Ryan makes an ugly scramble for 1 yard, Ryan makes an ugly scramble for 2 yards (one of the most frustrating things is when he puts his head down and acts like a punt returner instead of keeping his eyes downfield). One of the side coaches tricks Gailey by saying it's a 50-ydr, so he trots Lindell out. Always one to second-guess his coaches, Gailey inquires and discovers its actually a fifty-TWO yard attempt (6 feet further!!) so calls a timeout to punt instead. There's something about Gailey and going for two-possession leads.. Players AND Coaching

5. two Wilson dropped INTs, final drive - Players

Players 3, Coaches 2. Plenty of blame to be shared on both sides.

- If we could keep Chan's offense without his decision-making, we'd be a lot better off
- If we had a more naturally-gifted QB, we'd be a lot better off
- If we had a secondary that didn't all suffer from Leodis-syndrome, we'd be a lot better off
+ front-seven is playing solid football, something to build on in '13