Looking towards the Draft

Have not posted on this site for a while but now that our playoff chances have been squandered, it's best to look towards the positive and that would be the draft. We have a nice core of young players such as Spiller, Stevie, Gilmore, Dareus (though he's not having his best season), Byrd, Levitre, and so on. We also have a good core of veterans like Kyle Williams, Mario, Nick Barnett, and so forth. I'm crossing my fingers that Chan is gone, because the play calling on offense has been absolutely HORRIBLE. I'm lukewarm on whether Nix stays or goes because while he's managed to obtain our key players from leaving and somehow brought in Mario Williams, but on the other hand his drafting and stubbornness to admit that Fitz and Chan aren't the ones are infuriating. Now on to the draft.

I'm going to start with a "We get lucky draft" which implies that many players fall down to us and we actually take them. This will only be a four round draft. These drafts imply that we will be picking around spots 10-13

1. Manti Teo MLB, Notre Dame - Would step in immediately and be a defensive force for the next decade

2. Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas - has a big arm and good mobility.

3. Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech - A big Physical WR who would be a perfect complement to Stevie

4. Bennet Jackson CB Notre Dame - A starter for the number 1 ranked defense in the league, nuff said

Now onto the more realistic draft, this will be 7 rounds

1. Keenan Allen WR California - A very good athlete who possesses everything you look for in a WR except straight line speed (though he still runs a good time of 4.53). No QB's look good enough to take a chance on this early, and Manti will be gone.

2. Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers - one of my favorite prospects on the board, Barnett is getting older and his contract is up next year, with Nigel Bradham developing and Sheppard playing much better Greene can develop and turn into our future Weak side.

3. Ryan Nassib QB, Syracuse - A smart Quarterback with a good arm as well, E.J Manuel has all the physical talents and could be the next Josh Freeman but his decision making and reads need a lot of work which is why I prefer the more Pro Ready Nassib.

4. Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut - Tall corner with natural ball hawking skills.

5. Kevin Reddick MLB N.C - a talented player with questionable work ethic who can battle sheppard for playing time.

6. Devin Taylor DE S.C - a imposing project player who could be part of a rotation opposite of Williams.

So, there it is, What are your thoughts?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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