Morning Joe! What is your Game Day Ritual?

Good morning Bills Nation,

Like most Bills fans, I live vicariously through some of my favorite players on the team. At times, I wish I had Stevie Johnson swag, Fitzpatrick's beard, Merriman's athletic ability and size, Kyle Williams overall toughness, Barnett's hair, but unfortunately for me I wasn't blessed with all of these things. Instead, I was blessed with the "going bald gene at 28" :-). I also was blessed with was an undeniable sense of loyalty for my favorite team. So even though I can't be out there on Sunday's going to war with them; I make sure I do my part to ensure victory.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Yes! I have a pregame ritual, just like many Bills players. It's a ritual that I've been doing every Sunday for 7 years now. I prepare for battle just like them. Of course my wife thinks I've gone too far as its gotten worse over time, but I don't care; I loved my Bills way before I loved her...haha.

So lets look at my ritual after the jump.

Before you get the wrong idea, I do have a life by the way. My rituals are only done on Sunday/game days. Okay so here it is:

  • Wake up every Sunday at 8:15 and immediately take a shower. I have to feel clean before the game starts.
  • Depending on if the game is home or away, I'll wear my Blue Stevie Johnson Jersey or my White TO jersey. Depending on the weather, I'll wear my New Era Bills baseball cap or my Bills winter hat. I also have blue and white Bills socks, which HAVE to match my jersey. Oh yea, I have to wear my grey sweat pants.
  • At approximately 9:00, I'll eat my game day breakfast, which consist of two boiled eggs, two whole wheat toast and glass of orange juice in my Bills Frost mug.
  • Around 9:30, I go get Flutie my English Bull Dog and dress him up in Bills attire. He has a Bills throwback jersey that he wears and Bills booties. I take him for a walk in the neighborhood to show our team spirit.
  • At about 10:00, I throw a steak on the grill for Flutie, because he needs the proper game day meal :-). At this time I'm watching NFL countdown on ESPN.
  • At about 11:00, Flutie and I start "pre-gaming". Yes, I start the drinks early, but Flutie is recovering so he doesn't drink anymore. I have a keg in my house, so whatever is on tap is what I drink, usually its Bud light.
  • At 12:00, I immediately turn to the channel that the Bills game is on. I don't live locally, so I watch the games on DTV. I ONLY watch the CBS pregame show. No more ESPN and definitely not FOX or the NFL network.
  • At 12:50, all outside communication with the rest of the world STOPS. I turn my phone off, the computer off and I go to my man cave to watch the game. The wife know that she MUST leave Flutie and I alone for the next 3 hours. She can only disturb us if the house burning down.
  • At 12:55, all the fun starts. James Brown from CBS does this thing where he takes you "to the field", at this point I'm super hyped. I start hyping Flutie up and I start jumping up in down like I'm going to war. I pop in Crazy Train in the CD player, and I'm ready.
  • At 1:00, I make sure the volume is set at "73", for some reason the game is better at that volume. On commercial breaks it has to be set at "44" (my old football number).
  • Throughout the game, the TV does not change to other games or other shows. It stays on CBS at all times. No food or water shall be eaten or drinking at this time; which Flutie hates. He and I need full concentration on the game.
  • If we are leading at half-time, Flutie and I will go for a walk in the neighborhood to show off, but if we are losing we stay in the house.
  • Now if we lose, which happened a lot this year, I completely cut myself off from sports for four days. I don't watch any of the remaining games, I don't watch ESPN, no NFL network, and sorry Brian but no Rumblings. I go in to this huge funk and semi depression over the loss. I take it real tough.

Now I know this pretty extreme, but I'm really passionate about this team, I can't help it. I also know that I'm not the only one. I'm curious to hear about other Game Day Rituals; especially those who live on the West Coast, since games start at 10:00.

So tell me Bills Nation, what is your game day ritual?

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