The best landing spot for Peyton Manning

Some might think i'm crazy but hear me out first. No I am not suggesting making a run for the great Peyton Manning. I love the guy and think he's probably the best that has ever played but we are too many pieces away from the Superbowl.

As a huge Peyton Manning fan, I really would like to see him land somewhere where he can complete his legacy.

Let me say that I think both he and Jim Irsay have both agreed on the course of action and they are being careful and calculated about how they announce the breakup so that each one walks away with dignity without any backlash.


Irsay can't pass-up getting Luck

The team cannot pay 50+ Million in 2012 to one position

Peyton has 3 years left maybe 4, he won't get another ring with a rebuilding team - he wants out.

Lets not forget that Peyton is a very rich man and doesn't need the money.

Lets also not forget that he has had 3 neck surgeries so if he comes back, which i think he will, its for only one reason - to get 1-2 more rings.

The team that should be considering a move should be Houston. Schaub is 31 years old and he's proven to be a very good QB. With Seattle, Washington, Cleveland and Arizona all really needing a serious upgrade at QB, Houston has great trade potential. Peyton doesn't want (or at least shouldn't want) to go to the Dolphins or Arizona because they won't get him to the superbowl twice in the next 3 years. The best option for that would be Houston, who has a great defense, great oline, great receiver & TE and an awesome running game. Bob McNair would ne crazy not to consider rolling out the red carpet for Peyton.

Peyton has never played on such a great team. If he can play again, that would be the absolute best landing spot both for him as well as them. They trade Schaub, get full of extra picks - draft another star receiver. The way TJ played tells me that he could very well be the future of the franchise anyway. Having TJ learn behind Peyton for a few years would really be an incredible way to groom the next franchise guy in Houston. Washington would jump all over Schaub for a 1st and 3rd, so really if I were Bob McNair, I'd call Rick into my office and explain to him what he needs to do the moment that Peyton gets released.

And before anyone brings up the card that Peyton would not go within the division, that's popycock! If the Colts release both Wayne and Manning the way I think they will, they are basically starting the rebuilding stage with new GM, new Head Coach, new DC & new OC both defense and offensive system change. So they won't be competitive for at least the next 2-3 years so it doesn't matter who is the Houston QB, the colts won't win many games against them in the next few years. Houston would be the perfect landing spot.

BTW: There is no way in hell that Peyton Manning would ever play for a loud mouth like Rex Ryan so I think the Jets are also off the table. The only two other potential places would be San Fran or Baltimore but I think Baltimore doesn't offer much more than one year of potential and the 49ers seem very content with Smith - but all three could be great spots for him. My money would still be on Houston.

I hope it happens because I'd like to see Peyton win a few more Superbowls before it's all said and done!

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