Morning Joe! (Non-Political) Liberal vs. Conservative

Good morning Rumblers,

Before you jump down my throat with the title of this thread, I must warn you that this isn't a discussion about politics, but more so how ones political beliefs can influence how they feel the Bills should proceed during this off season period. What I'm tempting to do is draw a connection between political beliefs and Bills off season moves. Mainly, because 1) this is the season for the Republican GOP and 2) there isn't really much to talk about.

Yesterday, I was reading a thread from our Buddy CanadianBillsFan, and the topic of his thread was called "Teams Can Carry Over Unused Cap Space". In that discussion, it was pretty evident that you had two distinct sides; the "Liberal" side and the "Conversative side". In politics, Liberals are labeled as "spenders" and Conservatives are labled as "cutters". I found it pretty interesting that those two sides exist in sports as well.

After the jump, are my defintions of a "Sports Liberal" and a "Sports Conservative". What I would like for you to do is ask yoursefl, what am I a "Sports Liberal" or a "Sports Conservative", and then figure out if there is a connection between your political beliefs. I don't expect many comments from a thread like this, because it can be a little too sensitive and I completely understand. But I don't write threads for comments, but mainly for people to think critically and explore some ideas that they may not have otherwise. It also will help answers questions on why you feel the Bills should do XYZ during this offseason. Then take a look at the teams that have been successful over the past decade, are they "Sports Liberal" or "Sports Conservative"? What are the Bills? How should they be operating in your opinion?

Sports Liberal-

a) Target Big Name Free Agents

b) Spend to the Cap

c) Try to Win Now

d) Hire Big Name Coaches

e) Draft Players from Big Name Schools

f) Trade draft picks

g) Rather Trade Up during the draft

h) Draft Skill Players in the 1st round of drafts

i) Prefers experienced Free Agent QB's

j) Believes in "another man trash, is another man treasure"

k) Offensivel and Defensively innovative

Sports Conservative-

a) Target middle-tier Free Agents

b) Cut bad salaries, and use that money to spend on free agents

c) Build your team through the draft over time

d) HIre Young, Inexpensive, Upcoming Coaches

e) Believe in finding talent at smaller schools

f) Don't trade draft picks

g) Rather trade back in drafts to accumulate picks

h) Draft OL and DL in the 1st round

i) Develops young QB's over time

j) focuses on retaining home grow talent

k) Offensively and Defensively Conservative

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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