The Trade Fred Jackson Thread

Know what's more insane than someone saying that the Bills should trade Fred Jackson? Someone saying that the Bills should trade Fred Jackson that's what.

Good thing for you, the reader, is I am a) insane and b) serious

Buddy Nix wants to build through the draft. Know how to not build through the draft? Signing 30+ year old RBs that's how. Right now I believe that you could get a low 2nd round pick (as in not a premium 2nd round pick but maybe some where after Buffalo) for him, easily in fact.

Fred's going to be 31 in a week. Good for him, I wish him the best, in another city while we have another 2nd round pick on our hands.

Obviously there's about a zero to zero point 5 chance of this happening, but it really should happen. Here's why:

1) Handing out large contracts to 31 year old RBs when you just drafted one in the 1st round is kind dumb. (I'm saying i'm smarter than the Bills. Egotistical? You bet)

2) Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey are going to fail (I just said that and meant it - FWIW). What good is Fred Jackson going to be in 2 years when a regime change comes in and cuts him anyways to save cap room? Yup - not very good. A nice 2nd round pick player that's maybe a decade younger might, maybe, be a better option at that point. No?

3) CJ Spiller. Is he better than Fred? Not yet, heck he may never be, but the RB position isn't as vital as it use to be and he's proven he'd be every bit effective in Chan Gailey's pass wacky spread attack.

I may be in the minority here but I know there are plenty others out there that feel the same way. Aside from my obviously sarcastic tone and inside jokery I truly feel that the Bills should trade him. We're no where near being competitive and paying RBs over 30 isn't good business.

I feel that us Bills fans try to justify things the Bills do but if another team went out and paid a 30+ year old RB top RB money we'd laugh at them (yes, I realize I have zero clue what the terms and money paid out would be) and call them morons. I know I would, heck i've probably done it but don't remember.

So while I love me some Fred Jackson i'm a bottom line kind of guy and I want to win a championship - I don't see the necessary muscle on the roster right now to accommodate Fred Jackson and his ability to make this a championship team, I don't.

So, trade him for a 2nd or a 1st or package him to grab Luck or RG III.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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