The Bills Not-Need Needs

There are 3 positions that the Bills probably won't look to upgrade this off season but really should, one way or the other. They are positions that are typically referred to as o.k. or "set" by management and the fan base alike but I still feel adequate upgrades should be looked at.

There are more pressing needs on the roster than these positions but if an upgrade were available I think the Bills should make a move on these positions with equal footing as other positions.

QB - The first Not-Need need is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyler Thigpen. Both of them could be upgraded and should be looked at to be upgraded. Problem is I don't think OBD is going to do that. There are plenty here that are o.k. with that and i'm fine with that sentiment as far as Fitzpatrick goes (I suppose, I understand it at least) but Thigpen might be the worst backup in the NFL. I'd love a change there and would love even more a move to grab an early QB - one way or the other.

SS - George Wilson has him some followers doesn't he? People love the guy. Hey, I like him too and his background. I specifically like his penchant for "knack" plays. What I don't like about him is watching other teams skill players out run his angles because he's slower than molasses.

He's a good player but we could get a faster/younger upgrade here. OBD should look at it's options but i'm not sure it will. Searcy would also be an option there.

CB - When you look at CB you see we just signed Florence to a contract extension, have a former 1st rounder in McKelvin, a 2nd rounder last year in Williams and a young budding playing in Rodgers and think that this position might not be a need. Hopefully OBD continues to thinks it is a need (like bringing in Routt) because this position is a mess.

Florence is slower than slow, McKelvin is dumber than a box of rocks on a football field - that kid's got zero instincts and then 2 CBs that are about to hit their sophomore season. So really on paper it looks like this is a decent position but in reality it's one of the worst positions on the roster - and that's saying something.

I think these 3 positions get looked at as not a major need because of other major needs. Pass rush, WR, TE, LB are getting a lot more attention but OBD should keep their options open on all of these positions. Just because we have glaring holes on other parts of our roster doesn't mean we should neglect other positions. I think that's how you get into trouble as a football team.

Buddy seems to me to be a guy that's just going to take the better football player in his drafts. I think his drafts have more often than not shown that so I continue to hope that he will draft that way because that's how you get better players. What the Bills don't need right now is to get tunnel vision on certain positions because there are other positions on this roster that, while have players that aren't awful, aren't what I would consider a strong position that teams have to account for.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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