Here's what I think...

Been reading up on a lot of stuff on the site and other sites and wanted to voice my opinion on some topics that have been coming up a lot...

1. All this trade Fred Jackson talk seems pretty bogus. I can see the thought process behind it, get as many picks as possible because we're rebuilidng, but it just never happens in this league. All the points about Fred being 31 and you don't sign backs that old are thoughts going thru opposing GMs heads. Why would they give up a 2nd round pick, or multiple picks on a player they're going to have to sign to a contract, yada yada yada. Jackson is a great player and unlike most 31 year olds he has very little wear and tear on his tires. Spiller looked great when he got the chance but playing 5 games at the end of the season is a lot different than carrying the workload for an entire season. He gets hurt for 3 games, w/o Jackson, and what was a stacked position now becomes a weakness. I think the Bills will embrace having two great backs. Plus Jackson isn't going to have to carry the ball 250+ times now that Spiller has proven he can run in the NFL.

2.The whole Mario Williams free agency thing is just a tease for us fans. If he hits the open market the Bills are screwed. Its just the truth that we can't offer as much as other big markets. I think we would have a better shot at him being franchised and then trying to acquire him that way. If the Texans do franchise him they are going to have to pay him around 20+ million for the season, something they can't do. Similar to Dwight Howard they would be smart to get something out of him if possible. If the Bills offered a 1st and 4th, they are getting an established pass rusher (like we're hoping for with the 1st pick) and giving up an extra 4th which could translate into nothing. Getting him in this fashion would put us in control of a long term contract.

3. The chances of trading down are slim, hate to say it. Being at pick 10 the Bills are in a tough spot to provide teams value. Sure great players are there, but there aren't any real "gamechangers" like there are in the top 5 or 7. Teams aren't going to offer an extra 2nd to get a player at 10 because I dont think anybody has proven to be that valuable. The difference between say Ingram and Mercilus is not a 2nd round pick. I would love to get more picks I just think the past has shown it isn't realistic.

4. SLB has become less and less important the more I read. I think there are valuable guys out there in free agency (help me out with names if you feel so inclined). It's a position that is becoming less valuable as this league becomes more pass oriented. Sure a great SLB would be awesome but it's a luxury we can't afford just yet. Chances are nobody we draft will be better than Sheppard or Barnett an would spend a lot of time on the sidelines and on ST. I'd like to see a DB or TE, a position I think could be on the field more frequently.

5. I would love to see back to back pass rushers if we stay put with our top two picks. Getting say Ingram and Branch could be awesome for years to come.

6. Please resign Stevie. I have yet to hear a good reason why he shouldn't be back with the Bills. If Nix doesn't resign him he has contradicted everything he has stood for from his first days as a GM. Stevie has stayed mum about his contract, progressed each season, and is a borderline #1 WR. He can be marketed too! Watching him give Revis a clinic on how to get off the LOS was just fun to watch. Buffalo has never hesitated to "overpay" or give "bigger" deals to veterans so why start now on somebody who actually deserves it.

7. Love the involvement in free agency off the bat, maybe we'll get lucky and make a Takeo Spikes esq splash this year.

Even though I get frustrated with the Bills by the end of the season, this time of year always gets me jacked up and hopeful for the upcoming season. Go Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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