What I would try to do

Since we all have been playing GM a little bit lately, I would like to take a crack at it. Before you ask, I would roll over all the unused cap space from last year before I tried to do all of this.

If I was the general manager, my priorities would be to

1.) Re-sign Stevie. He has made mistakes but he has also beaten top players like Darrelle Revis. It is a whole lot easier to let someone know where the boundaries are of what is acceptable, with regards to touchdown celebrations, than it is to find someone who can beat the best of the best. If the reports are correct and he is asking for 7.5 million per year, I would offer him somewhere between $6-6.5 million per year. (I say that because Buffalo reportedly offered him around $5 million-5.5 million earlier in the season. Don't quote me on it because I am not sure if I could find you a link) If he gave a counter offer of $6.75 million per year, I would accept it.

2.) Trade for Mario Williams. If trades are allowed, I would offer the Texans a 2nd round pick contingent on Mario Williams signing a long-term deal. To me, I think that it would be a wise thing to do for a few reasons. For one, we would get to keep our 1st round draft pick. Secondly, it would give the Texans some kind of compensation for someone that they might otherwise lose for nothing. Lastly, it would prevent a bidding war with numerous teams for his services.

3.) Re-sign some of our other free-agents. I would then try to re-sign Chandler and Bell to reasonable deals. Chandler is a good red zone TE and I believe that Bell can be the long-term LT for the Bills in the future (Who would have thought that entering into the 2011-2012 season?). I would also offer Urbik the highest tender possible.

4.) Rip up the Fred's current contract. I believe that someone's play should dictate their pay and their playing time and not their draft position. Before he was injured, Freddy was playing like an elite RB. He has outplayed his current contract. I think it is a good business practice to treat external and internal customers fairly. External customers are a business' customers and their internal customers are their employees. To me it would not be fair to not give Fred a better contract. I would offer him a two or three year deal worth $10-15 million, depending on the number of years, and I would guarantee half the amount. That isn't Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson money but I think that it is a fair deal taking into consideration his age and how much longer I think he could play at a high level. If he didn't agree to the amount or we couldn't somehow bridge the gap, then I would try to trade him to a team that would give him the deal that he wanted.

5.) Draft the best player available with the 10th overall pick. I have gone back and forth on Coples, Ingram, and Upshaw. I am not truly convinced about any of them yet. Unless something changes where I could pick one of them without sweating, I would pick David DeCastro or someone else that I am 100% comfortable picking. (Don't ask me. I don't know yet. Lol.)

6.) I would then try to draft a DE/OLB in the 3rd round. After the 3rd round, I would turn the draft over to Ralph Wilson and take a siesta. Just kidding. Just checking to see if you are still awake. I then would try to draft a CB and a QB with our 4th round picks and a LB and a WR with our 5th round picks. Then I would pick the best player available with the remaining two picks.

Which would mean that our draft would look like this

1(10): G David DeCastro

2(41): traded to Houston (DE/OLB Mario Williams)

3(72): DE/OLB

4:(105): CB

4:(124): QB (from Lee Evans trade)

5:(136): LB

5:(138/139): WR

6:(167): BPA

7:(200): BPA

Let me know what you think. If you disagree with something, let me know why you do and what you would do differently.

I deleted the other poll. The question was if you were the GM would you make these moves. I believe 33 or 34% of the voters said that they would do it. About the same about said that they would not--28% of the vote. And 38 or 39% said that they would do something differently. Now I want to get your opinion about the number of wins that you think a roster like this could win.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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