We have 99 problems but Quarterback aint 1

For some reason the thought of drafting a qurterback actually gets me frusterated. At times when I hear about the fact that Bills should draft Ryan Tannehill or any oither QB not named Luck or Griffin sickenss me. So I will try to let you understand that we have more important needs besides QB that needs to be addressed.

A position thats been a big hole to fill, since someone with the great idea of trading Jason Peters. (sarcasm by the way). Yes we gave up the fewest sacks this season in years. But how much was that apart of Chan quick strike offense? How can we depend on a guy, Bell, who cannot stay healthy? Are they that confident in our own 4th round pick Chris Hairston to hold the fort down? Like Nix said you can never have to many left tackles, and from the melt down that happend this past season, along with Fitz throwing the rock with cracked ribs. I see this as a sure need.

I guess as things improve, us fans can only ask for better. Right? We went from Captain Check Down, Trent Edwards, to the Amish Rifle who slings it all over the place. But can't find his deep threat target. Its amazing how before the begining of the season, that the wide reciever postion was the deepest in depth. So we thought. But now its clear that potiential is what it is, and nothing more. Now we can go ahead and shut down this need in free agency. But your never guaranteed to pick who you want in free agency. I beleive Stevie will be re-signed, and with a guy who can come in and take away the double teams. Stevie and company will have success. Big, strong, deep threat reciever WANTED.

Aurthor Moats! Mr. Moats! Moats? Is he present? Oh there you are. Haven't seen you since you took out Favre. Well anyways since we are switching back to more of a base 43 defense. The OLB position is now even more of a need, since there are only three linebackers on the field. We need a pass rush from this position.

Can you say 5.5 sacks? That's the most sacks an indidvidual (Marcel) that plays D-line had. Now can you say pitiful? I can. I don't beleive I have to go any further with this.

You know, I could have sworn We gave this guy named ummm, what was his name? Oh yea, Drayton Florence. That's who it is. I couldn't remember his name becuase he could never make a play on the ball. Leodis Mckelvin is a bust, I am sorry Bills fans I know you don't want to face the facts with this guy, but unless your tellin me he is going to turn it around and some how be consistent, and also attack the ball instead of starring at it. He is a bust. He might even be cut befor the begining of the season. Terrence can't stay healthy. Aaron and Justin have potential. But thats what they said about Leodis.

On the side note:
We need O-line depth
We need Linebacker depth

Let me let you know that I am not against drafting a QB at all. But drafting one in the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd is not necessary.

Go Bills!

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