Hey guys with all these offseason predictions I'd figure that I would jump in and share a couple thoughts. This post will include a mock draft as well.


Resign Stevie Johnson, Kraig Urbik, Chad Rinehart, Derek Hagan, Kirk Morrison. If we can I would like us to resign Scott Chandler for a low cost deal of course. Fred Jackson wants a contract extension so I say we give him about a 3 year deal worth 14 million with about 4 million guaranteed. I'm not really an expert with money so comment on what he should be worth.

Notable Releases are Terrence Mcgee, Andra Davis, and Dwan Edwards.


Sign Pierre Garcon WR and Stanford Routt (hopefully). Garcon is the Burning deep threat this team needs opposite of Stevie Johnson and Routt could be a good number 2 corner if he tones down the penalties (but thats something we are used to as Bills fans, Drayton Florence anybody?)


Round 1

Donta Hightower LB Alabama. Would start at SLB and we'd have a pretty impressive linebacking corp with Shep, Barnett, and Hightower.

Round 2

Vinny Curry DE Marshall. Would start at the DE spot opposite of Kelsay. with a little developement he could become a star.

Round 3

Dwight Jones WR North Carolina. would be part of a great rotation of WR's with Johnson, Garcon, and David Nelson in the slot.

Round 4a

Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State. Would Learn behind Chris Hairston at the LT and eventually take over, with Hairston taking over Pears on the Right side.

Round 4b

Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt. would sit behind Routt, Williams, and Florence and star in nickel and dime packages. would provide good rotational depth.

Round 5a

Jake Bequette DE Arkansas. Would replace Kelsay in passing situations and provide good depth.

Round 5b

B.J Coleman QB Chattanooga. Would be our QB project. Has great strength but unpolished footwork. Reports say he is a hard worker and is a film junkie.

Round 6

Tysyn Hartman FS Kansas State. Would provide Depth at the FS position. Although we are strong at SS Byrd is all we got at FS.

Round 7

Rhett Ellison TE USC. Would be a project but might make the team as a back up to Chandler.


so what would are team look like now?


QB: Fitz,Thigpen, Coleman

RB: Jackson, Spiller, Choice, White

FB: Mcintyre

WR 1: Johnson, Jones, Clowney

WR 2: Garcon, Donald Jones, Derek Hagan

Slot: Nelson

TE: Chandler, Smith, Ellison

LT: Hairston, Sanders

LG: Levitre, Rinehart

C: Wood, Urbik

RG: Urbik, Rinehart, Jasper

RT: Pears, Young


LDE: Kelsay, Bequette, Carrington

DT: Williams, Dareus, Heard

RDE: Curry, Merrimen, Carrington

SLB: Hightower, Batten

MLB: Sheppard, Morrison

WLB: Barnett, Moats

CB 1: Williams, Florence

CB 2 Routt, Hayward

Nickel CB: Rogers, Mckelvin

FS: Byrd, Hartman

SS: Wilson, Searcy

well there you have it, hope you like it.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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