Off-season for the PLAYOFFS??

Hey guys got done with my work and now killing some time. So the Bills Free Agency and the Draft this offseason.

After hearing the 4-3 change i decided to do some research I was curious who the top DE were in the 4-3. There is no order this was mainly to get a gauge as to size and weight of great DEs.

1. Julius Peppers 6-6 283......1st rd.

2. Jared Allen 6-6 270 ......4th rd.

3. Trent Cole 6-3 270.....5th rd.

4. Robert Mathis 6-2 245......5th rd.

5.Dwight Freeney 6-1 268.....1st rd.

6. John Abraham 6-4 263.....1st rd.

7.Justin Tuck 6-5 270....3rd rd.

Now with that said, I love the range that occurs here. Two of those names are free agents this off-season, Mathis and Abraham. Abraham is a better run supporter while Mathis is a pure pass rusher only. I think though we should target both of these guys. We are further than the Colts will be, and the Falcons keep getting out of the playoffs early.

Each are in my eyes an upgrade of Kelsay. Of course Mario Williams would be the over the moon pick but i'm trying to be realistic though i'm praying for the best. Cliff Avril (3rd round) if he hits the market would be a wise investment as well. Also the Jags Jeremy Mincey

The other position we need to attack on is WR. I'd love to see a Vincent Jackson, but he is getting up there. Perhaps a cheaper option could be Plaxico Burress who can still be a threat and stretch the field. Not sold on Bowe.

But we are looking for speed to which makes me think of Robert Meachem. Who has decent size and can be a deep threat as well as rake up yards after the catch.

Main Targets I see us landing: Meachem. 1 out of Avril/ Abraham/ Mincey...Resign: Stevie, Chandler, our OL even D. Bell.

I'm glad free agency happens before the draft. Now we can better rank our needs. My 1st choice with Free agent pick-ups my ** 2nd choice without.

1st. Round:

Dont'a Hightower 6-4 260. He will be our Linebacker that will join Sheppard for the future. He can play all over the defense any line backer spot and even on defensive end. Some may say too soon. I think he is more talented than Rolando McClain who was taken 8th overall. He has speed, size, coverage skills, run skills, and pass rushing every down player a guy that can cover tight ends. and this video shows his versatility and coverage skills Go to 1:05.

**Melvin Ingram 6-2 276. Again with no FA added we need to get an every down player on the line. Ingram can run defend, pass rush and even cover. He plays all over the place at DE,DT and even linebacker. He has a variety of moves and weapons to penetrate the line. Can interchange with Dareus. Plays special teams well. Great recognizing the play getting off the block. We need a super freak and if he were couple inches taller he'd be Terrell Suggs.

2nd Round:

Andre Branch/Vinny Curry/Chandler Jones: Either of these guys would be great. Whoever is available with our pick. We add another potential pass rush and every down player to our already picked up free agent. Someone above Kyle Moore and Carrington. Both these guys have the size for the run game...yet also know how to rush the passer and knock down the ball at line of scrimmage.

**Mike Adams/Mitchell Schwartz/Zebrie Sanders/Bobby Massie. Without D. Bell we have to grab a LT for the future and beyond. All these prospects seem great and have room for improvement.

***Exception: Chase Minnifield DB out of Virginia. He is someone i personally like as well just a play-maker. Fast and physical.!

3rd Round:

Trumaine Johnson 6-3 204: If we go linebacker/d-line then we got to get this guy in the 3rd round for the secondary. He can play Cornerback is physical....he can also be a backup FS which we need for Byrd. Similar to how Aaron Williams can probably play safety as well though he is a fine Corner-back. Trumaine is a flat out Football player former WR/QB that is an Athlete. For those of you that don't see Montana

**Bruce Irvin DE/SLB 6-2 245/Tommy Streeter WR 6-4 215. We went DL and then got out OL or CB. So now grabbing a Linebacker/DL that can rush the passer and is a beast in general. BRUUUUCCEEE Irvin will strike fear into whoever he is going against. He has a variety of moves not just speed or bull rush but everything. Tommy Streeter is a speed and height guy. He gives us a hr threat since we didn't grab anyone in free agency in this scenario. Here is him his personality would fit Buffalo quiet guy:! The exact opposite of Bruce Irvin!

4th Round A:

Jake Bequette Arkansas DE 6-5 264. He is what everyone hoped Kelsay could be a difference maker. He has pass rushing skills and has a high motor. Def could be a steal in the draft and gives us a DE with size. or

**Dequan Menzie 5-11. 195-gives us depth at corner would take over for Mcgee and he can contribute on special teams.

4th Round B( Lee Trade):

Nate Potter OT 6-6 300. With D. Bell coming back we get this guy as another development guy he has all the tools and can be a solid LT with Hairston and him battling for future LT and RT duties.

**Keenan Robinson Texas LB/Brandon Lindsey Pitt LB/Jeff Fuller WR 6-4 212- Based on what we got in the 3rd round. If we went linebacker grab this WR who is a bit of a project but def has potential. If we went WR grab either of these linebackers. Robinson is better in coverage and versatile while Lindsey is a bit more of a pass rusher.

5th Round A: Jarius Wright WR/KR 5-10 180- A new and improved Roscoe Parrish. He is straight up dangerous on the return and is a great vertical threat as well. He can make the tough catch and goes up for the ball even at his stature.

**Michael Egnew TE 6-5 251/George Bryan TE...Since we went WR in the 3 or 4th this round we grab a developmental solid TE since we didn't re-sign Chandler or even if we did couldn't hurt to have one more. &

5th Round B Marshawn Lynch Trade:

Robert Blanton Notre Dame 6-0 197 DB/S....This guy makes plays especially on special teams. He can develop and give our secondary further depth in case something happens. He can play corner or safety. Decent Coverage guy but great in the run. or


Option 1: With Free Agents. 1st. Hightower. 2nd. Curry/Branch/Jones. 3rd: Trumaine Johnson 4th: Jake Bequette4th: Potter 5th: Wright 5th: Blanton

Option 2:Without Free Agents. Just Stevie Johnson and interior OL. 1st: M. Ingram. 2nd: Best LT 3rd: Bruce Irvin 4th: Menquize 4th: Jeff Fuller 5th: Best TE prospect 5th Blanton

Option 3:Same as Option 2. Changes in the 3rd: Tommy Streeter over B. Irvin & in the 4th Robinson or Lindsey over Fuller

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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