Nix! Your on the clock, Cowboys on the phone.

You have to understand the rules have changed. There are limits now to rookie pay. Before you never drafted a Right Tackle despite their ceiling in the top ten because of the $ you would have locked up into positions that are not the MOST important on the team. Now the $ make sense to draft by potential and need. This year a Tight End maybe taken in the top ten, along with a RT. This should open up for more trades, because where a TE, RT, RG, S, FS, is drafted, other positions get pushed farther down. I Billieve, come our time on the clock we're going to be facing a very good situation. 5 guys on our board, we'd be happy with, and a team willing to move up to get an available player.

Now considering the Wide Reciever depth this year, do we trade down for the extra pick or throw in a pick for an additional 2nd. Jerry Jones likes his stars, he might give us his 1st and 2nd for our 1st and 3rd or even 4th, just to get his one player or hole filled in this draft.

Andrew Luck is #1, but the fun starts right away. Even though I expect trades to pick up yearly, Cleveland could match or beat any offers from teams looking to get Robert Griffin 111, but the St. Louis Rams and the Minnesota Vikings aren't interested in taking calls, the Browns are ecstatic.

#2 is Matt Kalil, the Rams need to protect Bradford before they get him toys, a wide reciever is useless if you can't keep your QB on the field. The Minnesota Vikings can stop sweating.

#3 is Justin Blackmon. The Vikings want some team to trade up for RG3, guaranteeing them their WR that can get separation, because they're fine with Ponder under center, so no QB here. Maybe Percy Harvin can rebound with some help out there.

#4 as mentioned above is RG3 to Cleveland, a lot higher ceiling than Mccoy. Putting Tampa on the clock.

#5 Running Back Trent Richardson, yes it could be Morris Claiborne, but the Buc faithful believes the talent at RB drops after Trent a lot more than CornerBack after Morris. They'll take their CB in round two, where talent will still be available. Also new coach is a defensive guru, so he'll draft high on the side of the ball he can't coach that well, to give his offensive coach some tools.

#6 RT Riley Reiff. The Redskins need a QB, but they're settled gambling that they can get one in the 2nd, so expect a lot of off tackle running to the right side, and rollouts to that side till they're QB develops.

#7 Morris Claiborne. The Jaguars are fixed on getting talent at CB, Dre Kirkpatrik is the guy their eyeing, but how do you pass on the best CB availble with a Revis type ceiling, you don't.

#8 David Decastro OG, the Panthers are taking one out of our page. They're moving a guard to center and this pick fits right in.

#9 Quinton Coples, the dolphins want pass rushing and a CB. Even if they win the flip, they're taking Coples. Kirkpatrick will be hard to turn away, but in the end, need takes over.

I'm certain we're taking Kirkpatrick, Nix will take the highest talent available, and he's it. But with Melvin Ingram, Whitney Mercilus, Zach Brown, and Courtney Upshaw still available, I would like Nix to trade down in this instance. I would take any of them, and the extra pick toward a second WR. With TE Dwayne Allen threatening to be drafted high by a few teams, Nix might find himself with the opportunity to trade down twice. I really hope CB Jayron Hosley out of VT is available in the 3rd, and Coby Fleener(Stanford TE)available there too. If we take that pass rusher in the first, let's hope Michael Floyd WR, keeps dropping off everyones board, i'd take him in the second. So Mercilus, Floyd, Hosley and Fleener, and if the trade down happens QB E.J. Manuel.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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