Morning Joe! Posting 101

Good morning Bills Fans,

It's great to be back on this Tuesday morning. I've been off the last few days, and I had a lot of time to come up with a lot of ideas for the Morning Joe series.

What I will like to do today is to step back from the Bills chatter just for a moment. I like most, have been a member of this great site for years. Initially, all I really did was read some of the great artices/post and comment occasionally. Not until recently, I started posting some of my own ideas. Many of us (myself included), are novice when it comes to writing articles/post. In fact, the most extenstive writing I've done was in college 7 years ago as a Business Major. So its quite obvious that my post and others like me, won't be no where near the quality of a Brian or Matt. I'm quite sure these guys have been doing it for some time and had formal training to do so. However, the great thing about a site like this, is that it gives the average Joe fan like myself, a forum to expess our thoughts and ideas.

So whats the point? Well over the past few days, I had the opportunity to read through some of the Fanpost. And I was surprise by some of the criticisms some of the other posters were getting. Whether the person made grammatical errors, the amount of times they posted in an hour, the topic they were discussing, etc etc. Now I'm not here to take sides and quite frankly I'm no lawyer, so I won't be defending anybody. But I will like to start an open discussion on what is that you Rumblers want to hear about? How long or short a post should be in your opinion? Do you want someone's opinions or do you just want the facts?

I'm asking these questions, because some posters post for various reasons. Some may post because they want 1000 recs, or a 1000 comments. Maybe they want people to agree with them or be as controversial as possible to get reactions. I heard one guy say he want to be one of the editors on this site. You also have some, who just like to share information. As a poster, I'm curious to know what the readers want to read about and how they prefer to receive the information.

I on the other hand post for theraputic resaons. It's my way to discuss things that are on my mind when comes to the Bills and the NFL as a whole. I don't particular care if I get 1 comment/Rec or 100. I just like hearing others ideas and thoughts of fellow fans. Even if its one person, who gives me feedback it's fine with me.

So fans, let your voices be heard. School me and other posters what you want to read about.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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