Here Is What I Know

Everyone that frequents Buffalo Rumblings can agree that the off-season seems to last forever. But between the combine this week, free agency, the draft, etc. there will be a lot to talk about. Like some, I try to stay as positive as I can about our beloved team. I don't have insider info, or a vast knowledge about defensive schemes or offensive playcalling. But here is what I do know:

- Last season the Bills defeated the New England Patriots, who represented the AFC in the Super Bowl

- Last season the Bills lost in the last minute of the game to the NY Giants, who won the Super Bowl

- Statistics show that Ryan Fitzpatrick was a very different quarterback before the London Fletcher hit vs. after the hit

- When healthy, Kyle Williams is an All Pro level DT

- When healthy, Fred Jackson is a Pro Bowl level RB

- When healthy, Eric Wood is a Pro Bowl level C

- Jairus Byrd, Andy Levitre, Stevie Johnson and Marcel Dareus have all showed potential to be future Pro-Bowlers

- The Bills have three playmakers on offense in Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, and Stevie Johnson

- I do not hope that Stevie Johnson resigns

- I do however hope that Stevie Johnson re-signs

- Nix and Johnson's agent have exchanged proposals, and are meeting in Indianapolis this week to continue discussions

- Buddy Nix has re-signed and extended players such as Drayton Florence, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Williams, Rian Lindell, and Erik Pears.

- Paul Posluzny left the Bills for a large contract from the Jaguars.

- The Bills replaced Posluzny with Nick Barnett.

- Donte Whitner was a notable departure, albeit one that many fans were ok with.

- The Bills were active last year in trying to acquire Tyson Clabo during free agency

- The Bills have 9 draft picks this season

- Shawn Merriman had 2 sacks in 9 pre-season snaps against the Bears

- Over 1/3 of the Bills sacks this season came against the Redskins

- The Bills have a new defensive coordinator and scheme in place for this season

- Buddy Nix has stated that the team will look to acquire pass rushers during the offseason

- The team was active in recruiting the first notable free agent of the offseason in Routt, who eventually signed with the Chiefs

- The Bills did not raise ticket prices for 2012, and opted to reduce ticket prices in some sections

With all of this being said, I will remain optimistic this offseason. To me it looks as though Buddy Nix has made an effort to keep the talented players on the team, and has been active in trying to acquire free agents. I will continue to keep the faith.

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