Buffalo Begins to Telegraph its Moves

Some thoughts on the Bills, based on the following, all from

Nix comments on pass rushers

Gailey comments on pass rushers

Bills meet with Osweiler

Chris Brown video interview with Nix

The Bills, under Nix and Gailey, have a unique way of letting folks know what they're thinking about leading to the draft. They combine a mix of vague and strangely specific talk, voice inflection, and body language, all of which gives indications about where the team thinks it's headed in the off-season. Everyone's aware of Gailey's water-bug running back comments. Nix was very specific about his thoughts about Cam Newton. Nix's body language and dismissive voice inflection while talking about how Tom Modrak knew Blaine Gabbert was a good quarterback as early as 2009 seemed to indicate that the Bills wouldn't take the Missouri signal caller.

With Buffalo's way of telegraphing its move, here's what I've picked up from the previously listed reports:

- Nix's voice inflection and dismissiveness about draftniks tells me that, while he may like Courtney Upshaw and Melvin Ingram, Buffalo doesn't have either rated high enough to get drafted at ten.

- Gailey seems to echo his thoughts, stating that they're aren't a whole lot of pass rushers available that warrant the tenth pick. He then warns about not picking for need.

- Nix's comments on how uniquely different this draft is regarding good players in the third and fourth rounds, and the depth of pass rushers, seems to indicate that Buffalo is considering pass rushers on day two and early day three.

- Along with reports that Bills scouts were present at a number of Arizona State football games, Buffalo has some interest in Osweiler. Which doesn't indicate anything more than that, thought they must like Osweiler to some degree.

My thoughts on these reports:

- I don't see Buffalo going pass rusher at ten. Buffalo is oddly specific about who they like in the first round, taking the past two drafts into account. I don't see Buffalo taking Upshaw or Ingram at ten.

- As much as I like Ryan Tannehill, I think Osweiler is more up Buffalo's alley. He's going to need a ton of development, and can possibly be had in the second round. But he's got more natural talent than any quarterback in the draft. After measuring in at under six-foot-seven, he's looking more and more like a legitimate NFL passer, quelling some concerns that teams have on passers taller than the six-foot-seven mark. Osweiler is a franchise quarterback project that would take long enough to develop that his time wouldn't necessarily conflict with Ryan Fitzpatrick's.

- I haven't heard anything so far that indicates where Nix is leaning with the tenth pick.

- I wouldn't be surprised to see Buffalo take two pass rushers between their third round picks and their fourth round picks.

- Speaking of Tannehill, very few media sources don't have him listed in the first round, either by mock draft or by best available list.

The next few days are a time where Buffalo will play its hand in some way. It's worth watching to see what's said and not said.

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