Our Mock 3.7

Well we are already on the final round of voting. In the sixth round, Bills fans supported nabbing a slot speedster in WR/RB Chris Rainey of Florida with 25% of the vote. In second was OT Marcel Jones of Nebraska with 14% while WR T.J. Graham finished with 11% of the vote. Here’s the mock so far.

1. DE Quinton Coples – North Carolina
2. DE Vinny Curry – Marshall
3. WR Nick Toon – Wisconsin
4. QB Brock Osweiler – Arizona State
4. LB Emmanuel Acho – Texas
5. CB Cliff Harris – Oregon
5. TE Michael Egnew – Missouri
6. WR Chris Rainey – Florida

With one pick remaining, I am opening up taking in depth on the defensive line. Other options include either safety position, corner-back, both linebacker positions for depth, and the offensive line for depth. I am not including halfback, quarterback, tight end or wide receiver as these positions have either been addressed in the mock or have depth already.

As a side note, I know there are some players that I include that either may go earlier or may not go until later. The further we go along in this mock the more this will happen. To be frank I try to include a player or two that may fall into the Bills hand (as they do draft relatively high in the pecking order). We always see players that may fall or inexplicably rise the day of the draft as well. I do try to balance several draft sites in choosing players that may be available.

I specifically use CFB Stats for collegiate statistics, while I use CBSSports for player notes and measurements. I also looked at Walterfootball and Drafttek for input as well. As always leave comments for supporting the player/need of your choice, and let me know if there are any names you’d like to see in the next full mock draft. Also, note that with the scrimmage ongoing, I will make changes based on performance for the next draft.

[Note: I will post one final with the results from round 7, as well as a picture of how the Bills depth chart would look like under this mock. I have had trouble putting images in articles (not for lack of trying) so if anyone can help, I'd be much obliged!!] Last chance to vote!

OT James Carmon – Mississippi St [6-7, 330, 5.43]
Demetrius Bell is a free agent, but if the Bills do select a tackle this late it would be purely for depth at either tackle position. Carmon suites that build, fitting the physical parameters Gailey likes in his linemen.

OT Jeff Adams – Columbia [6-6, 305, 5.18]
Adams has been one of the more dominant left tackles in the FCS. That being said, it is unknown how he will adjust to better competition. Adams would provide good depth at either tackle position though.

C Ben Bojicic – Bowling Green [6-5, 294, 5.28]
As stated the Bills could seek to draft a backup center due to injury concerns to both Eric Wood and Kraig Urbik. Few centers fit the build Gailey likes in his linemen but Bojicic is one of the few that can fit this profile. Bojicic does have some injury concerns himself, but has been a fair blocker.

DE Vince Browne – Northwestern [6-5, 265, 4.92]
So far we have already taken a defensive end in the first and second round of the draft. Assuming Kelsay and Merriman will also land a spot, the Bills could still take a third rookie DE simply for depth for a unit that struggled in the sack department. Browne had a dynamic junior year, but struggled as a senior. Over two seasons he made 94 tackles (19 for loss), 10 sacks and 6 hurries.

DE Donte Paige-Moss – North Carolina [6-4, 260, 4.67]
Heading into the 2011 season, Donte Paige-Moss was one of the highest ranked pass rushers in college. Between behavior issues on the field and losing his starting job, Paige-Moss decided to declare early for the draft. All though he has good physical ability, the behavior issues are severe enough so that Paige-Moss may go undrafted this year. Still it’s hard to ignore 78 tackles (17.5 for loss), 9 sacks and 3 hurries.

DT J.R. Sweezy – North Carolina St [6-5, 293, 4.95]
Right now the Bills have ample depth at defensive tackle, including definite starters in Kyle Williams and Macell Dareus. However, given that the Bills could cut either Spencer Johnson or Dwan Edwards for cap space, the Bills could look to get some depth. Sweezy has fallen due to getting injured during his senior year. However over the last two years Sweezy made 70 tackles (15.5 for loss), 7.5 sacks and 7 hurries.

OLB Nathan Stupar – Penn St [6-1, 234, 4.77]
Given the Bills lack of strong outside linebackers, the Bills could take a few in the draft. One such late prospect includes Nathan Stupar, part of the talented Penn St defensive unit. Over the course of two seasons Stupar made 153 tackles (12 for loss), 3 interceptions, 7 passes defended and 4 sacks.

MLB Chris Marve – Vanderbilt [6-0, 242, 4.86]
The Bills seem set with Kelvin Sheppard starting at middle linebacker, but there are questions as to who will back him up. Chris Marve lacks height, but seems to be a safe all-around bet having made 171 tackles (16.5 for loss), 6 passes defended, 5 hurries and 5 sacks over the last two seasons.

MLB Carmen Messina – New Mexico [6-2, 236, 4.78]
Another potential prospect to man the middle of the linebacker corps is Carmen Messina. Over the last two years, Messina has amassed 257 tackles (18.5 for loss), 7 passes defended and 4.5 sacks.

CB Tashaun Gipson – Wyoming [6-0, 203, 4.57]
Despite having already selected a corner late in the mock, Buddy Nix indicated that the Bills could take a pair of corners to improve the secondary. Gipson has been a reliable starter in the Mountain West with 135 tackles (6 for loss), 14 passes defended and 6 interceptions over the last two years.

FS Tysyn Hartman – Kansas St [6-2, 206, 4.64]
The Bills currently lack depth behind free safety Jairus Byrd. Hartman is one of the better Big 12 safeties having recorded 155 tackles (2.5 for loss), 5 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles over the last two seasons.

SS Sean Cattouse – California [6-2, 218, 4.56]
Cattouse is not much of a ball hog, but is a sure tackler. Over the last two seasons, Cattouse has made 135 tackles (4.5 for loss), 9 passes defended and 3 interceptions. Given that Bryan Scott is a free agent, the Bills could seek a safety that has the size to double at linebacker.

Go Bills!!

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