Why Changing Defenses May Not Be Wise

The Bills pulling out of the 34 sweepstakes to run the "coveted" 43 defense has been covered, analyzed and discussed very frequently lately. Some like it because of the Williams/Dareus combo in the middle and some don't like it because this regime stated that they would remain steadfast in their approach a 34 then subsequently ditched it. The flip flopping if you will.

A few things came to my attention this past weekend and I wanted to get them out there why I still feel that while the 43 might be better on paper I still think they should have stuck with the 34.

Everyone knew that rebuilding the Bills was going to take a long time. This team had undersized crappy players on it's defense and an offense that couldn't do much of anything. What's the best way to to get rid of undersized crappy players? Bring in not undersized and uncrappy players.

When Buddy took over he preached patience. GM's are kind of funny. Some say they will win now and some say there will be growing pains. We got the latter but that's alright as long as the end result is what we want. With Buddy though, while he preached patience, he didn't really practice it.

Here's what i'm talking about. This may or may not be an argument for some, but it is to me.

Part of being patient is actually being patient. This weekend I saw that Bart Scott is seeking a trade. Now it's unlikely that a team would deal him within a division and the Bills might not be interested for all we know if they were still running a 34 but fact of the matter is that Bart Scott is one of the best thumpers in the NFL. A position that we really could have used an upgrade in our scheme. Players get cut or traded all the time and Buddy chose to ditch his efforts half way through without seeing his plan play out yet the Bills could have went after a player like that.

I'm not the biggest Courtney Upshaw fan but he's a 34 LB that can set the edge and rush the passer yet he is unlikely to be drafted by the Bills because we require a 43 DE. Similar responsibilities sure but are the Bills going to look at him now?

I guess what i'm getting at is that the Bills just needed to practice a little patience and let the players fall to them. Whether it be a Bart Scott or a Courtney Upshaw the Bills have hurt themselves by making a scheme switch. I'm not sure if Troup, Batten or Moats even have a fit on our team any more so we wasted 3 draft picks plus time acquiring other players that might not fit into our scheme and now have the opportunity to get 2 players that could vastly upgrade our 34 defense if we were running it.

I'm sure the same logic can be applied to us running a 43 but fact remains we wasted valuable off seasons and drafts on one scheme then changed it on a whim.

I can't help but wonder how our team would look with Upshaw and Scott heading our LB corps. What do you guys think?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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