Morning Joe! Should the Bills play in Downtown Buffalo?

Good morning Bills Fans and Happy Friday!

For today's Morning Joe, I will like to discuss the hypothetical idea of the Bills playing their home games in downtown Buffalo. Now I'm not going to get in to the actual financial and logistics reasons why this hasn't or can't happen, because it's Friday and that involves too much thinking. However, I will like to get some feedback from some of the locals on this subject. Is this what you will like to see (in a perfect world)? If not, what reasons do you have? I will also like to get some feedback from those fans who travel to come see the game. Would you like for the games to be played downtown.

After the jump, I'll discuss my experiences.

Now I'm merely a virgin when it comes to going to Bills games. I live in Baltimore, MD and I started going to Bills home games 3 years back. The first game I ever went to at the Ralph was the 6-3 lost to the Cleveland Browns (ehh). The night before the game I actually proposed to my wife at Bacchus; a restaurant in downtown Buffalo. We vowed to celebrate our anniversary every year at the same restaurant and attend a Bills game. So I witnessed the first Jets beat down we took last year and the Eagles win this year. Now the game day experience has always been fun to me. I love the tailgating experience at the Ralph and the people are so nice. I love the city of Buffalo and want to retire here. But for some reason, the days before the game area little odd to me. Here's how so:

Each time I come to visit, its hard as heck to find a decent hotel. I guess it's partially my fault, because I'm extremely cheap and I'm just not use to the sales tax in NY. Plus I have this huge obsession with reading reviews, and every review I find about hotels, there is the bed bug issue. Now being from out of town, you usually will like to stay downtown because you figure that's where all the action is and where the better hotels are. But the stadium is about 14 miles south of downtown. So I find myself staying closer to the stadium, because I like to beat the game day traffic. Therefore, I kind of miss out on all the downtown activities and better hotels.

After the game, its hard as heck getting out of there. The airport is 16 miles North from the stadium and It seems like its only one way to get to the airport after the game. That is to take 219N to 90E to 33E. If the stadium was downtown, you can either take 33E to the airport or 190S and 90E. Downtown is only 10 miles from the airport and there is two different ways to get from downtown to the airport.

Now I know it seems like I'm complaining and crying, but truthfully it's really not the case. I enjoy my time when I come to visit. I've always had great experiences and memories. But to compare it to Baltimore, this experience is a lot different. The Stadium is dead smack in the downtown area of the city. It's right across the street from where the Orioles play. The business and hotels in the area really benefit from having the games downtown. Tourism in Baltimore is tremendous and the Stadiums play a major role in that.

Like I said earlier, I'm still a virgin to the city of Buffalo. So I was just wondering if the locals prefer to have the stadium downtown. Have there been any discussions or thoughts having it downtown, rather than in the suburbs? And for the out of towners, do you come across the same issues that I have? Does it make any difference to you where the stadium is in conjunction to the airport and downtown?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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