Our Mock 3.4.1

In the closest round of voting yet, Rumblers overall wanted a receiver supporting WR Nick Toon of Wisconsin with 18% of the vote (44% for a receiver). Narrowly in second was OT Nate Potter of Boise State with 12% of the vote followed by CB Trumaine Johnson of Montana with 11% of the vote. Also worth noting is that WR Stephen Hills of Georgia Tech also had 11% of the vote but one vote fewer than Johnson. Here is the mock so far…

1. DE Quinton Coples – North Carolina
2. DE Vinny Curry – Marshall
3. WR Nick Toon – Wisconsin

Given that the Bills may need two receivers without taking anyone in free agency I shall keep that option available. 4-3 DE meanwhile remains off as the Bills would have good depth and other needs to address. These needs include (but are not limited to) LT, TE, OLB, CB, MLB and potentially QB.

As a side note, I know there are some players that I include that either may go towards the end of a late-previous round, may not go until later, or that I have not included. The further we go along in this mock the more this will happen. To be frank I try to include a player or two that may fall into the Bills hand (as they do draft relatively high in the pecking order). We always see players that may fall or inexplicably rise the day of the draft as well. I do try to balance several draft sites in choosing players that may be available.

I specifically use CFB Stats for collegiate statistics, while I use CBSSports for player notes and measurements. I also looked at Walterfootball and Drafttek for input as well. As always leave comments for supporting the player/need of your choice, and let me know if there are any names you’d like to see in the next full mock draft. Time to cast your ballot!

QB Kellen Moore – Boise State [6-0, 191, 4.98]
Moore on the other hand has four years (and 50 wins) under his belt. Though undersized and not having the best of arm, Moore has good overall ball placement and good awareness. In the last two years alone, Moore has completed 599/822 attempts (73%) for 7,645 yards, 78 touchdowns and just15 interceptions. More so, Moore’s stats could’ve been more impressive had not Boise St given the ball to day 2 contender Doug Martin.

QB Brock Osweiler – Arizona State [6-7, 240, 4.83]
The Bills have Ryan Fitzpatrick locked up to be the starting QB for a while, but Thigpen hasn’t shown much promise while Fitz can struggle at stretches. The Bills coaching staff as such could seek out a long term project at QB. Osweiler is a junior with a big arm, frame, and good pocket presence, but only had one year as a starter. In that season Osweiler made 326/516 attempts for 4,036 yards, 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

OT Andrew Datko – Florida State [6-6, 321, 5.23]
With Bell on the market the Bills may need to get a left tackle to at least compete with Chris Hairston for the starting nod. Datko is one such prospect that was inconsistent but overall good for the past two seasons. Datko is very athletic and a hard worker but has dealt with many injuries.

TE Ladarius Green – Louisiana Lafayette [6-6, 237, 4.64]
One of the bigger tight end prospects in the draft, Green was a beast to cover in the Sun-Belt. Over the last two years, Green, a former receiver, caught 95 receptions for 1,400 yards, and 15 touchdowns. Additionally Green has the build to be a good blocker, but does need time to develop these skills. Otherwise, Green has good hands, fast and is tough to bring down.

WR Chris Givens – Wake Forest [6-0, 195, 4.52]
Givens has good technique and runs good routes. Hand-work needs some improvement, but he still can spread the field. In the last two seasons Givens made 118 receptions for 1,844 yards and 13 touchdowns. There’s a chance Givens can go late in the third round, but the junior could more likely go in the fourth.

WR Marvin McNutt – Iowa [6-3, 216, 4.52]
McNutt meanwhile doesn’t run as clean routes, but in turn can use his tall frame to get around defenders. McNutt could be a #2 receiver having made 135 receptions for 2,176 yards and 20 touchdowns over the last two seasons.

LB Audie Cole – North Carolina State [6-4, 248, 4.84]
An ACC product Cole has experience playing both inside and outside linebacker. Though he lacks great speed, Cole has good instincts against the run and the pass, but needs a little more work with pass rush. Over the last two years, Cole has made 10.5 sacks, 194 tackles (22.5 for loss), 6 hurries, 6 forced fumbles and 7 passes defended.

LB Terrell Manning – North Carolina State [6-3, 225, 4.63]
Also to take in consideration is Cole’s Junior teammate Manning who in the last two years of starting made 10 sacks, 151 tackles (25 for loss), 4 picks, 8 passes defended, 6 forced fumbles. Manning is very fast, but needs to bulk up a bit. Manning could have benefitted from another year in school, but is likely an early day 3 prospect now.

LB Danny Trevathan – Kentucky [6-0, 230, 4.68]
Trevathan has been the leading tackler in the SEC for two years in a row, but slips this far do to a smaller build. Trevathan could easily move up the boards between now having good speed and tackling ability. In the last two years, Trevathan made 5 sacks, 287 tackles (28 for loss), 4 picks and 9 forced fumbles.

CB Jamell Fleming – Oklahoma [5-11, 202, 4.54]
With Florence inconsistent and McGee seemingly injured every year, the Bills may be looking for a successor to groom for future years to come. Fleming started the year off slow but ended consistently with strong showings. Fleming has good height and speed, playing man coverage he shows physicality but definitely excels more in zone. Over the last two seasons Fleming has had 7 picks, 24 passes defended and 131 tackles (12.5 for loss).

CB Donnie Fletcher – Boston College [6-0, 201, 4.53]
Another corner worth noting is Donnie Fletcher. Like Fleming, Fletcher has played more zone than man coverage, but also has good instincts. Fletcher made 7 picks, had 8 passes defended and 91 tackles over the last two seasons.

CB Casey Hayward – Vanderbilt [5-11, 188, 4.53]
One of the better corners not named Claiborne or Kirkpatrick in the SEC was Casey Hayward. Over the last two seasons Hayward made 13 picks, had 21 passes defended, and 132 tackles (9.5 for loss). Hayward is good at getting to the ball, but can give up a play or two to do so.

Go Bills!!

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