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Good morning Bills Fans,

It's time to choose, put up or shut up, Jacob or Edward (sorry for the Twilight references, haha). The Combine is over and we've speculated for weeks now; we went back and forth on who are the best prospects for the Bills and I will like to use this thread as the "Official thread" to post your opinion.

The Obvious:

It's quite obvious, that the Bills are targeting certain positions in this year's draft. They are QB, CB, DT, WR, DE, MLB, OT, and DE/OLB. It's almost a 90% chance that the Bills will draft a player from one of these positions, with G and RB being the only other likely positions to consider.

The Rules:

I'll list the top two players at each position. These players are players that we (Rumblers) are high on; created a nice buzz about themselves during the combine, and who we realistically have a shot at getting via trade.

So let's say you want or think the Bills will draft a DE at #10, you will have to explain why that DE is better fit then the other. If you decide to choose a DE that is not on the list, you will have to explain why he is better than the other two.

Now it's important that you be realistic. If you think we should draft a QB, Its obvious that Luck or RGIII won't drop to 10, so you have to propose a realistic trade. Be prepared to defend your selection, because others might tear your selection apart. If you propose a "Dikta" type trade, be prepared to face the consequences :-). If you decide to trade back, list who you want to trade with, and the compensation package. This an opportunity to make a well thought out argument for your selection, so don't blow it.

The selection is for the first round only.


If you're making a selection, your subject line should read "With the 10th Pick Your Name selects CB.......

The body of the post should explain why you selected that player and why you chose not to pick the other player.


For the busy Rumbler, I will also post a poll that will allow you to vote for a particular position group, i.e. QB. For those of you that are too busy to make a selection, feel free to comment on those individuals who made selections. If they are brave enough to make a selection, it's your civic duty to make a comment. Let the "Rec's" run wild.

After the jump are your draft choices:

QB - Luck vs. Griffin (Can only be drafted via trade)

QB- (Developmental) Tannehill vs. Osweiler

CB- Kirkpatrick vs. Claiborne

DT- Brockers vs. Poe

WR- Floyd vs. Blackmon

DE- Perry vs. Coples

MLB/SLB - Hightower vs. Kuechly

OT- Kahlil (only available via Trade Up) vs. Martin

DE/OLB- Upshaw vs. Ingram

Let the games begin,

With the 10th Pick DoctorK44 selects.........

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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