1st of my many trade laden mocks

The Redskins have done something amazing; traded 3 first rounders and 1 second rounder before the draft. It's stunning because the Redskins will only get RGIII if the Colts don't take him first overall. Perhaps the Redskins would be equally happy with Luck or RGIII but, given that they're so different, that doesn't seem to likely. Besides, Shanahan won his Super Bowl rings with a mobile (albeit aging) QB. If the Colts do the unexpected it's easy to see Shanahan banging his head repeatedly on the table. On the plus side of the ledger, the Redskins got the 2 pick before a draft day frenzy could drive up the price. (When the likely draft chart values are added up the Redskins effectively paid 4800-assuming they draft 7th next year and 12th the year after-for a pick worth the Rams got the rough equivalent of the 1st and 4th pick in the draft for the price of the 2nd. Well done, St Louis.)

With that out of the way and free agency yet to begin, I thought I'd take a stab at a mock draft.

  1. Colts: QB Andrew Luck: It would be high comedy if the Colts took RGIII and it can't be brushed off as an impossibility. The Colts are in full-on reboot mode and that could mean that the new front office is looking for something other than a Peyton Manning clone.
  2. Redskins: QB RGIII: Washington paid a high price, though there is something of an unexpected benefit. Snyder won't have the firepower to trade up in the draft for at least the next two drafts. With enforced discipline shackling his impulsivity the Redskins may finally actually draft better.
  3. Rams: WR Justin Blackmon: The Rams have picks to burn and a franchise QB on the roster. Trading up with Minny (#6, #39, #67 for #3) is easy due to the bounty of picks from the Washington trade. Minny is a better trade candidate for the Rams than the Browns because the Browns already have an extra 1st and 4th). The Vikings can also trade down because neither the Rams nor the Browns (Joe Thomas) are candidates to take OT Matt Kalil.
  4. Browns: QB Ryan Tannehill: Colt McCoy isn't going to lead the Browns back to relevance. The Browns can't afford to trade down because a team like the Dolphins might take him at #8 or even look to move up in order to get in front of Cleveland.
  5. Vikings: OT Matt Kalil: The Vikings trade up just one spot (#6, #67-both acquired from St Louis) and get their guy. Plus they have an extra second round selection (#39 from the Redskins through St Louis) and get to pay Kalil a little less. It's win-win-win for the Vikings.
  6. Tampa Bay: CB Morris Claiborne: I was glad when Aqib Talib wasn't taken by the Bills because he came across as a Pacman Jones type idiot. With him possibly spending the next year or three in prison and Ronde Barber one of the oldest guys playing a real position in the league, Claiborne is an obvious pick....possibly one the Bucs would have made at #5 anyway, and this way they have an extra 3rd to make up for their lack of a 4th round pick.
  7. Jaguars: WR Michael Floyd: Gabbert needs help. He already has MJD in the backfield so the Jaguars have to find people for him to get the ball to or people to keep Gabbert vertical. With Kalil off the board, Floyd is the best option in terms of need and value.
  8. Miami: RB Trent Richardson: Bush is an every down runner. Bush is an every down runner. Bush is an every down runner. Say it all they might, Bush is not an every down runner. Also, Miami had a very good running game with the combination of Ronnie Brown and Pothead Williams....and a very good running game takes the pressure off of a so-so QB, which is what Miami has.
  9. Panthers: DT Dontari Poe: Someone has to fly up the draft board based on a great combine and the Panthers can't stop the run. Cam Newton can keep the offense moving but only if the defense can get him the ball.
  10. Seahawks: DE Melvin Ingram: Seattle sends Buffalo #12 and #76 for # 10 and #125 in order to take the first defensive end off the board.
  11. Chiefs: OT Riley Reiff: After failing to trade up with Miami the Chiefs get a nice and necessary consolation prize. The Chiefs needed to give Cassel some protection.
  12. Bills: WR Stephen Hill: He's big, he's fast and he's from Georgia Tech. What more needs to be said?

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