CA$H 4Free Agents (53ManRoster)

I originally started the 53ManRoster as an attempt to show how difficult it is to field a 53man team and still have adequate depth to make it thru the year. Later, I made it more complicated by adding in each player's cap hit for the year (salary +bonuses, etc). All my cap numbers come from here. Please click the pic below, cause that's where most of the meat and potatoes of this post are!!


Of course this version of the 53ManRoster has some changes:

1- Morrison has been added as sOLB (1.5mil as per MattRichWarren)

2- Urbik (I assumed a 2nd round tender @1.417mil)

3- Rinehart (I assumed a 3rd round tender @0.927mil)

4- Chandler is slotted on the roster but HAS NOT been assigned cap hit since I haven't found any contract info

5- I moved some players on the D-Line to accurately reflect the changes from THIS post by B.Galliford

I also had a thought concerning the cap space rolled over from 2011. I previously thought we wouldn't spend any of it since NIX seems like a long term vision sort of guy and spending any of that cash would put us in "cap jail" in future years. But... as it stands we are currently STILL paying Maybin (5.052mil), Lee Evans (2.383mil) and Hangartner (0.75mil). Those three players add up to 8.186mil and makes up the bulk of this year's "DEAD CAP." Obviously those three players won't be on the books next season, so THEORETICALLY we could overspend on this year's cap by 8mil and still be right at the cap NEXT year. COOL!

Another "exciting" development is that the 2012 cap just got bumped UP an additional 1.6mil. Consider it a gift from the 'Skins and Cowgirls. Check HERE for more info on that.

soooo... lets run the numbers:

2012 Salary Cap= +122.2mil. Subtract the contracts of the 53men most likely to make the team, the dead cap for players we cut, and the 8.6mil I've allotted for the 2012 rookie class (that #'s based on last years rookie contracts) and we get a grand total of....

9.832mil UNDER the cap. (Remember that number doesn't include Chandler's contract).

Now, if we were to spend all the cash we're carrying over from 2011 (19.293mil), we would have 29.125mil to spend on free agents tomorrow (but we would be in cap jail next year and would have to cut some players to stay under the cap)


we only overspend this year to the tune of 8.186mil, giving us 18.018mil worth of cash to spend tomorrow. This option keeps us cap neutral this year and next, as well as giving us a decent amount of cash to get that "WR that's open when he's not." or help with our pass rush. ***(of course that # is going to be a little bit lower once details of Chandler's contract come to light (2mil maybe?) AND after we give Fred Jackson his raise (another 2mil?)***


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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