Why Stephen Hill WILL be the pick at number ten this year.

First of all woohoo Williams is a Bill. And now that's out of the way back to some draft coverage. I've been giving the draft some pretty deep thought today, and I've come to a conclusion. The Bills will draft Stephen Hill at number 10. But wait mob16151 thats a huge reach. Well follow me through the jump, and I'll lay out my thinking. (And a 5 round mock.)

Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech. 6 foot 4 220 pounds. 4.36 40 yard dash time. Remember Buddy Nix talking about what the Bills were looking for in a Wide Reciever? We want a guy that's open even when he ain't. Hill meets that criteria, and intriguingly his measurables are almost identical to Calvin Johnsons, and better than Demaryius Thomas. He also showed an ability to run the whole route tree, and great hands at the combine. Hill is the ultimate homerun pick in this draft, and I fully expect him to be a Bill, when Buffalo is on the clock with the tenth pick in the draft. Giving us a wide reciever depth chart of






Now with the rest of this mock.

RD 2. Josh Norman Coastal Carolina. He meets the criteria this regime seems to look for in corners,and as a plus he's a plug and play corner. Likely succesor to Drayton Florence.

RD 3. Andrew Datko OT Florida State. He's a good looking tackle prospect, that has struggled some with injuries in college. He needs to also get better against, power rushers. Basically needs to add strength but the size and skillset is there to make him an above average LT in 2 or 3 seasons.

RD 4. Chandler Jones DE Syracuse. Not a sudden or explosive pass rusher, but he sets the edge well, and can probably play from day 1 as a situational guy.

RD 4. Keenan Robinson OLB Texas. Doesn't do a good job shedding blocks, but with the Bills new d line, that shouldn't be a huge issue. Has outstanding range.

RD 5. Aaron Corp QB Richmond. Doesn't have the biggest arm, but he has a nice frame, throws a catchable ball,and seems smart. Could eventually supplant Fitz 2 or 3 seasons down the road.

RD 5. Philip Blake C Baylor. Big bodied lineman best suited to a power blocking scheme. Provides quality depth behind Wood, and could be a starter down the road. (Side note : I really wanted to mock a guard named Looney to the Bills because of his last name. I didn't though lol)

I didn't mock any TE's to the Bills because I believe there willing to go into next season with Chandler,Smith, and Onubum.

So there you have it, let me know what you think.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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