Post Mario mock

The bills handled their biggest need before the draft thankfully. Now they can focus on BPA.

Here's the mock:

10. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama, 6'2, 186 lb, 4.51s 40

He is the tallest CB in the draft and the size and speed to go along with. He is not as fluid as janoris jenkins but such tall top tier CBs are hard to come by. With our massive upgrade in front 7, I think we will have a potent defense if we draft kirkpatrick.

I chose him over jonathan martin. Both are safe picks at their position. But kirkpatrick has much better physical upside than martin.

41. Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State, 6'7, 242 lb

I am almost willing to take a bet we take a QB in the 2nd round and no one else. We just payed Mario 50 million guaranteed. Chix are in year 3 and just turned up the heat on themselves. Yet Fitz is no sure thing. They have done enough good to get a year 4. If Fitz is unable to break through his limitations this year, no way I am seeing Chix gamble on their future without being prepared.

They have showed the maximum interest on Brock among all other QBs. Some here say he is a 3rd round material. After last year, we should learn QBs go a round early. Plus I like Brock the best after Luck and I am glad they are showing interest in him.

72. Greg Childs, WR, Arkansas, 6'3, 219 lb, 4.4s 40 time

Greg Childs had questions about his speed after his knee injury. He proved in his pro day that he has lost no speed and has recovered fully from the knee surgery by running a 4.4 40. The perfect sized WR for Fitz. He was the go to guy for Mallett at Arkansas. He has a lot of production and would have gone higher if not for the injury. We might get a starter in the 3rd before the season is over.

4a. Brandon Brooks, T/G, Miami(OH), 6'5, 346 lb, 4.99 40 time

Brooks surprisingly did not receive an invitation to the Combine. He was one of the standouts of the East-West Shrine with a phenomenal week of practice. The powerful Brooks pushed defensive linemen around while showing real athleticism. He performed well at his pro day and put up some impressive numbers.

This is the only report I found from walter football.

He has the same size as Cordy Glenn but showed better athleticism than him. Could be a high upside developmental prospect for the tackle position. We should not get hung up on a pure left tackle and miss out on good potential. We should remember our Oline was good not because of the players but because of Gailey and how he schemes around the players' weaknesses. Brooks is an excellent option.

4b. Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas, 6'5, 274 lb, 6.9 s 3 cone drill (2nd fastest)

We dont have to draft a high DE anymore. We can just draft, IMO, the best potential and add him to our DE mix. williams, kelsay, carrington, merriman, bequette, kyle moore.

5a. Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami, 6'5, 219 lb, 4.4 40 time

Nothing to add from previous mocks. Many will still say he wont go in round 5. That's ok.

5b. Ryan Miller, T/G, Colorado, 6'7, 321 lb, 5.21 40 time

Another tackle for depth. He has a giant size and can play both tackle and guard. He is said to be a natural tackle. Just like Nix said, he would rather draft tackles and move them to guard. With Brooks and Miller he gets guys who can play both.

6. Chad Diehl, FB, Clemson, 6'2, 257 lb, 4.72s 40 time

7. Christian Thompson, FS, South Carolina State, 6'0, 211 lbs, 4.5s 40 time

With the move to 4-3, Bryan Scott is listed as OLB as he will play that role most often. That leaves byrd, wilson, searcy and nesbitt as our safeties. I think we can upgrade on nesbitt.

Christian Thompson has great size and speed for a free safety. He could be a good low round prospect for the team.

In short:

Dre Kirpatrick, CB

Brock Osweiler, QB

Greg Childs, WR

Brandon Brooks, T

Jake Bequette, DE

Tommy Streeter, WR

Ryan Miller, RT

Chad Diehl, FB

Christian Thompson, FS

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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