Mock Draft and free agent signings

After the free agent frenzy it is now time to focus on the draft. This is a mind dump of ideas that will improve the team and give it more solid talent.

Round 1 - Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford - He has played in a apro style system for a while and will be a day 1 starter.

Round 2 - Stephen Gilmore - CB - South Carolina - Yes a Corner in the second round. The Patriots just signed Anthony Gonzalez and Brandon Lloyd and we need to be able to cover them well. Stephen has 4.3 speed and the talent to be a nickel and eventual starter.

Round 3 - Chandler Jones - DE - Syracuse - He could work in our rotation to get after the quarterback.

Round 4 - Michael McNutt - WR - Iowa - He is tall and can run solid routes. he also makes a point to go after the ball. Could be a steal #2 for us.

Round 4 - Keenan Robinson - OLB - Texas - This is a guy who has the ability to cover tight ends and get after the passer. Is overshadowed by Acho. Will give us depth.

Round 5 - Nick Foles - QB - Arizona - He can be our quarterback of the future. He comes in with no pressure on him to start. He has three seasons (hopefully) to learn Gailey’s system. Great Value for this pick. Osweiler, which alot of people like, will be taken too early and I cannot see Buddy going that early for a QB.

Round 5 - Vontasze Burfict - ILB - Arizona State - This is the pick I will get stuff for. Yes he is a head case. Put his locker next to Nick Barnett’s. He will learn to control his emotions from the veterans of our team. Will help on special teams.

Round 6 - Chase Ford - TE - Miami - Honestly do not know alot about him except that any TE from Miami can play on the next level. See Jimmy Graham, Jermey Schokey.

Round 7 - Nicolas Jean-Baptiste - Taking a flyer on a fat guy for the middle of the defensive line.

Draft Free Agents -

Alex Tanney - QB - Monmouth - Like this guy and I hope we keep him on the team. Bye, bye Thigpen.

Josh Chichester - TE - Louisville - a converted basketball player and he is 6’ 8”. Has potential.

Matthew Masifilo - DE - Stanford - has a give it all attitude and will claw his way onto a team on heart.

Moses Jenkins - CB - Florida - a corner that is 6’3” and played in the SEC. Gotta give him a shot.

Greg Childs - WR - Arkansas - I doubt he does not get drafted but it could happen. Nice depth player.

I also still think that we should go after Braylon Edwards for our #2 WR. I will keep typing this until he signs somewhere. He is a talent to get on the cheap. It would give Easley a challenge in training camp.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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