Morning Joe! Where I was right, and Where I was wrong

Good afternoon Folks,

I know you guys haven't seen any of my post in awhile, but I have a good reason. I actually decided to lay low for awhile after the Mario signing. This site was filled with so many posters and craziness, I felt at the time there wasn't anything for me to add and I just wanted things to die down some. However, I did manage to comment on a few posts here and there.

So instead of posting, I called around to contact some of my connections in the Sports world so that I can come back and give you some value information. For those of you who know me, I always try to bring value to the discussion and give you great insight and well thought out ideas. Today is no different

When I post things on this site, it's important for me to remain credible. In order for me to do that, I have to admit when I was wrong and point out when I was correct. Hopefully, at the end of you reading this you will take the information that I'm about to tell you in to strong consideration.

Where I was wrong:

On 14 Mar, I wrote a thread titled "Morning Joe! Out of Your League", and basically it was a post about how Mario won't sign with the Bills. It was kind of like the Ugly Duckling story mixed with a little bit of Cinderella. Now before you kill me on this, it wasn't a negative post. Rather a post that encourage Bills fans not to be down if we didn't land him. I wrote this post because I was informed by my connect that Mario wasn't going to sign in Buffalo. Now, he was correct in some instances, because it was his intentions to leave Buffalo after Wednesday meetings. However, Buffalo did a good job of keeping him in town. OBD knew if he left town, he was a goner. But he did sign, and I was wrong on that.

Where I was Right:

On 7 Mar (before Free Agency Period), I wrote a thread titled "Morning Joe! I think I figured it Out", and in this thread I pretty much figured who we were drafting at pick # 10 and told you what positions we will target in the draft and FA. To sum it up for you, I said at 10 we will NOT pick a QB, RB, WR, TE, CB, FS/SS, LB and DT. I also said that the Bell will be the linchpin that determines what position we draft. Then I said there are 3 positions we will are targeting, OT, G, and DE (Ingram). Now of course, I got creamed for this as I had to defend myself against some really knowledgeable guys on here.

Not picking a WR, was a really hard pill to swallow for some folks. My rationalization was this,

"No Floyd or Blackmon. More than likely, Floyd will be there but the Bills won't draft a WR at 10. Even if Blackmon slips, I don't see us making that pick. We have tons of young WR's who the team seems high on and still need to prove themselves. If we draft a WR at 10, he will have to come in right way and jump ahead of Jones, Easley, Nelson, and Clowney. ACTION- the recent interest in Vincent Jackson proves to me that Nix wants a veteran guy opposite of Stevie, and will rely on his young WR's for depth".

The resigning of Derek Hagan has made this statement true. According to my source, THERE IS NO WAY that we draft a WR at 10, sorry folks.

Also, there was some issues with the DT position. Now, this was when Poe just had the workout of his life and people were so enamored with a big man putting up those sort of combine numbers. Since then, the Poe hype- train has stopped. People, myself included went back and looked at some of his games and unfortunately for Poe, his game film doesn't match his combine numbers. For a guy at that size, that can move like him, playing in Conference USA, he should've been dominant on film, but he wasn't.

Where I was Right (Inspired this Post):

Just last night, our buddy, Chris Chavez wrote an interesting Fan Post titled "With Flynn going to Seattle..", where basically he said that Tannehill will go to the Dolphins allowing us to pick up Coples at 10. As I'm reading this, I was on the phone with my connect and he just told me that he got word Peyton Manning will be signing with the Broncos. If you don't believe me, check out the above link. I also said on the same exact post, that the Dolphins will be willing to trade their 2 3rd round picks that they acquired from the Brandon Marshall trade for Tebow. In that the "homecoming" game for Tebow in Miami last year was a sign that they really wanted Tebow. The owner has problems filling the seats, he needs Tebow. Now the exact value for Tebow hasn't been determined, but you better believe the Dolphins acquired those picks with the intentions of Trading for Tebow.

Of course, last night I was patronized and ridiculed. Why not? I'm not a "Big Whig" on this site; I'm not an editior or anything like that. I'm just the average "Joe". So last night, I decided to write this post let you guys know that I can be counted on. When I get information, I'll relay it back to you guys. You'll be surprised of some of the stuff I know, but I don't mention it mainly because it hasn't been confirmed. I won't put trash out there just for the sake of saying something

Soooooooooo, with that being said. I got word from my source that the Bills are eyeing Courtney Upshaw with the 10th pick. Now, before we got Mario it was Ingram because he's the best pass rushing DE in this draft. With the addition of Mario, there is a still a whole at RDE. I know some of you are thinking, why don't we just get Ingram or Coples, so that we can unleash a relentless Giants-type pass rush? Well, with the pass rush being such a topic of discussion for most Bills fans, we kind of lose site that our Rush D was horrible again last year. Guess who is the best rush stopping DE in this draft? Any guesses? That's right, Courtney Upshaw. He will play next to Dareus, and then Mario will play next to Meatball. Now, don't get mad at me, I'm just the messenger. I personally prefer LT, but my source told me that it's 85% chance that D. Bell is back in a Bills uniform, alleviating the need or desire to draft a LT at 10.

Okay, I know this sound like I'm tooting my own horn here. But those of you who do know me, I'm not some "Troll" on this site putting up garbage. I have too much respect for the folks who write great articles and post great ideas and thought provoking conversations. You can take this information and do what you like with it, I'm just telling you what I know. Keep in mind if you ask me a specific question, I'll answer solely based on what I was told and well let you know if it has been confirmed.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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