Joe P.'s First and Last Mock for the Bills 2012 Draft

With the Bills likely done signing players in free agency, I figured it was time to put together a mock draft. Maybe it is just me, but scouting reports seem like they are tougher to come by. I ended up using the following sites to put my mock together.

For the first time in over ten years, the Bills have a chance to be a playoff team. Will Buddy be able to add the final pieces of the puzzle in the draft come April? While I would not be opposed to the Bills taking a QB early, I don’t think it will happen this year. The Mario Williams signing puts the Bills in win now mode, and they have hitched their wagon to Fitz. We have to hope that the reappearance of Bad Fitz was the result of injury. Even a fully healthy Fitz needs some help, and he gets it this year starting in the first round. It could be in the form of a WR, but I think Buddy sees more good depth at WR than at OT. More importantly, after Hairston at LT ….. we got nobody.

1. (10) – OT – Jonathan Martin - 6'5 - 312 lbs

If Martin had taken one more year to clean up his technique, he would most likely be the top OT in next year’s draft. I think he has more upside than Kalil and Reiff. Martin is a smart football player, a natural bender, plays with a mean streak, has a good work ethic, and has no know character issues. Some people might call this a reach, but I’m not willing to pass on a franchise LT so someone else can take him at the 15-20 range and have Mel Kiper say what a deal they got.

2. (42) – OLB – Zack Brown - 6'1 - 244 lbs

We are set in the middle with Sheppard, but Barnett and Morrison are headed to the wrong side of 30 and I’m not sure either of them can run with Gronk…..Brown can. Brown has elite speed and ability to change direction. I see him playing right away on passing downs. Add to that the impact Brown can have on special teams, and Brown will make a significant impact on the field immediately. If I was Morrison, I would be watching my back.

3. (74) – WR - Brian Quick - 6'4 - 220 lbs

The Bills want WRs who are open even when they are covered….translation….big, tall, and strong guys with good hands. Quick is already a good route runner and should push to replace Easley as the number 2 WR early this season.

4. (105) – CB – Jamell Fleming - 5'11 - 206 lbs

Fleming doesn’t have elite speed, but he reacts quickly, is strong enough to battle with big WRs and TEs, and is good against the run. Fleming should win the slot CB job early in the season, and lock down a starting CB spot by the end of the year.

(124) – DE - Malik Jackson - 6'5 - 284 lbs

The Bills need an understudy for Super Mario. Jackson is raw, but has the potential to develop into a nice pass rusher. He has good speed and quickness, long arms, and a strong upper body. He needs to work on his lower body strength and his technique.

5. (137) – TE – Deangelo Peterson- 6'3 - 243 lbs

Peterson is a converted WR. He has good hands and speed, but he needs to learn the TE position. Blocking isn’t his strength.

(139) – WR – Marvin McNutt - 6'3 - 216

Another big, strong WR, who I think could put on 20 lbs and be a hell of a TE. McNutt is not a burner, but is fast once he gets up to speed. NcNutt has huge hands and good body control. He is fearless going over the middle and will challenge for the ball in the air.

6. (169) – QB – Austin Davis - 6'2 - 219 lbs

Davis caught my eye at the combine. I kept mistaking him for Cousins….yes, in a good way. I think he is a sleeper. Davis is a dual threat QB, a natural leader, has a smooth, quick release, and throws with good anticipation. Knocks on him include his height…..6’2” is the new 5’11” I guess.... average arm strength, and there are questions about his ability to read the defense. I think he is a perfect understudy for Fitz.

7. (199) – FB – Cody Johnson - 5'11 - 252

Time to replace Corey McIntyre. I love this guy and think his nickname should be Big Johnson because he knows how to lay the wood. A thick bodied physical runner who moves the pile. Johnson seeks out contact and would be a fantastic lead blocker for Freddie and CJ.

Tell me what you guy’s think…..hahahaahha….like I could stop you :-) Don’t forget to vote in the poll.

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