My First Mock Draft

Well here goes. This is the first mock I have done, and although it took some time, I really enjoyed it. Here are the parameters, assumptions I used, and the site I based my picks off of:

We sign OT D Bell after he gets lukewarm receptions at clubs in the NFL and he realizes that he has a great chance to come back, play well, stay healthy, and maybe get himself a big contract next year. It also gives Hairston time to develop. This draft also does not have any trades.

My opinion of the Bills right now is that they need very high end talent and intangibles at the top of the draft. We now have pretty good depth, and we need some play makers early.

Link to site I used for draft:

Round 1: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame. This guy just produces. His stats are sick, his film is sick, he is big, he has awesome body control, great hands, good speed, and has a little swagger. I was a little worried about injuries and off field issues, but his injuries were mostly in his freshman and sophomore years. Dude is sick, period. Him on the other side of Stevie = match up nightmare. We have enough depth at this point and we need ELITE talent. I think he is BPA.

NOTE: Tannehill is available in this draft for us in the 2nd round, but I know he won’t be there, so I won’t draft him.

Round 2: Josh Robinson, CB, UCF. I really wanted a DE here but this draft has pretty much all of the guys going in the 1st round. Robinson has been a starter for a while, has good size, pretty good ball skills and has elite speed. He seems to have a ton of upside. Bills should be running some zone, and with what should be their new found pass rush, I think Robinson will get some time on the field this year, and then become a starter next year alongside A Williams. Would be great to have A Williams, Robinson, and Rogers as our starters in 2013.

Round 3: Cam Johnson, DE, UVA. Long, explosive, RE speed pass rusher. Lots of talent, lines him up on the opposite side of Mario The Great, and lets him pin his ears back and just try to destroy Brady & Sanchez.

Round 4: Bobby Wagner, LB, Utah State. Powerful linebacker, great tackler, high motor. Would be a good addition to our LB corps

Round 4: Ladarius Green, TE, Lou-Laf. Freak athlete, huge size, good hands, raw. Kind of a tweener player who can really give Fitz another weapon. Drafting him here gives him a couple of years to develop both his game and body with an NFL team for 2 years while we have Chandler.

Round 5: Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas. High motor, long term LDE backup for Mario. Had a good combine all things considering as well.

Round 5: Brandon Mosely, OT, Auburn. Another OT with raw skills and good athleticism. Has a good upside, and can hopefully replace Sam Young for depth.

Round 6: Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU. Long time starter at tackle. May very well make the switch to G in the NFL. Could be a long term replacement for one of the Guards we may lose next year.

Round 7: The best receiver available

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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